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A couple of weeks (months) ago, I was at my friend’s Lauren‘s house and she had a sample box from KLUTCHclub (see below) sitting on her counter.  She said she had tons of them, pulled them out, and let me take some samples since she could never get to using all of them.  I’m finally getting around to trying them!

This morning, I wasn’t feeling so hot but I know how important breakfast is so I decided to try out some Pure Matters Protein in a smoothie.  This product is a pea protein with just 7 ingredients:  Pea Protein Isolate, sugar alcohol, natural flavor, cocoa, natural cocoa, steviol glycosides, and salt.



I decided to just mix it with some almond milk and strawberries so I could still taste the protein powder itself.  After tasting it, I felt like it was a little bland.  It almost tastes nutty instead of chocolatey.  Sadly, I can’t help but compare it to the Vega Chocolate Protein I tried a few months ago which was so chocolate filled that I couldn’t even taste the other ingredients in my smoothie (and I loved that!).

A bonus for Pure Matters though is that it is grain-free (for those Paleo types) which Vega is not (they use pea and rice proteins).  I guess it also depends on your preference – overwhelmingly chocolatey or barely a touch of chocolate?  Also, Vega is more of a “complete” shake similar to Shakeology verses just protein.  Overall, I feel like its not a bad protein powder but I would prefer if it had a little more chocolate flavor.


My next sample I tried was Coromega Tropical Orange Omega 3 and Vitamin D Squeeze.  I did not enjoy the flavor or the texture.  It was almost a little sour (?) for me.  I don’t want to say what I really thought it tasted like.  It was also very oily (for obvious reasons) but that made it go down faster.  I had to drink water immediately but it was a nice quick way to get in my vitamins!


My last sample for today was Good Greens Chocolate Raspberry Bites which contains antioxidants and probiotics.  With my sensitive stomach, I’m always looking for ways to get in good bacteria without eating dairy all the time.  There wasn’t any info on the package but their website claims they are gluten-free, vegan, organic, and all-natural.  For a moment, I almost forgot I had to review this as I ate it, as it was gone in no time.  It had a gooey texture, similar to something made out of dates (like a LaraBar without the nuts).  I loved the flavor too – just enough chocolate and raspberry.  I basically felt like I was eating a candy bar.  Yum!

That’s all the products I tried today!  Before Lauren told me about it, I had never heard of KLUTCHclub before and was super excited to dig through her boxes.  I actually can’t wait to sign up for myself once I have some extra cash (maybe it can be a weight loss reward?). One of the things I noticed when looking through her box was that there were a lot of full size products.  There was even a pair of YurBuds in one of the boxes (a $30 value)!  And for $10 a box, I think getting something fun like that, even if just every other month, is pretty cool!

And finally, I’ll be super, super honest.  I’ve signed up for KLUTCHclub’s affiliate program, but only after I started writing this blog post.  (I started poking around their website to get the link for you all and saw the affiliate program.)  So this is all my own opinion, and I only get a small reward if you sign up through my link (below).  I was not paid to write anything here.  I was just super impressed with the samples and wanted to pass along the information!  Here is the obnoxious link just in case you need it:

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned above?  How did you like them?

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