Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon!

Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon!

I have bad news!  My photos are locked in my camera!!!  I have a CF card for my super duper awesome DSLR and it requires either a cord or the adaptor both of which are in NJ.  Ugh!  So I am going to leave the weekend recap for later (grrrr).  Hopefully I can throw something together on Friday!  But for today, I will talk about how the actual race went.  Here we go!

We arrived to the start line with plenty of time that I didn’t feel rushed at all (this is new for races for me, lol).  I felt like crap the second I woke up though and couldn’t shake the feeling.  I felt dehydrated but had left my water belt in the hotel room figuring the course would have enough, not realizing I would want water before the race! 

The race was very pretty and the weather turned out to be gorgeous! 



The range of bands was pretty cool.  If you don’t know, the Rock and Roll races have bands approximately every mile.  This was an all women’s drum band.  Don’t know the technical term but they were awesome!  I also enjoyed the brass band (FYI I play trumpet so of course!).  They had a good variety!

Anyway!  So around mile 3, my right hip started hurting.  Then, around mile 4, my left calf was having a sharper pain like I pulled something but it wasn’t anything that I was worried about so I kept going but took it easy with walk breaks.  Remember this is on top of the dehydration feeling.  Then!!!  Mile 8 happened!


DSCN6609I met the concrete.  First time I have ever tripped running!  My knee is hurting today, mostly from the skin healing.  The internal knee is just fine so in a few days I will try to do a few miles.  From there out in the race, it just kept going downhill.  I was having major stomach cramps that wouldn’t let up.  Plus my knee burned and the hip and the calf.  What joy!  BUT…. I FINISHED!  My official time was like 3:01.  My Garmin time (paused for potty breaks and the medical tent visit) was like 2:45.  Whatever!

I recovered fine after the race.  The hip and calf stopped hurting immediately.  Some hydration and food settled the stomach.  The knee, like I said, still burns from the healing.  So not the best race ever.  I have not really had a good half yet (this was #4) but I will one day!  Maybe in the fall when my next one is scheduled!

On that note, I am supposed to start Insanity today!!!  I want to tell you all that I did not work out today.  But!  Today’s workout was supposed to be the fit test and I did the fit test like a week or two ago.  I will just give my knee 1 more day’s rest and use my fit test from last time.  I will be starting Insanity on day 2 tomorrow!  So we’re still on!!

And as for the rest of the weekend, you will have to wait until I can get those silly pictures out of the camera!!  Ugh!

5 thoughts on “Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon!

  1. sorry it wasn’t the greatest race, but you had a great time and good weather. Also, love the pink jacket.
    I trip over my own feet just walking down the street, luckily I haven’t fallen in a race (knock on wood) haha

  2. Great pix! I took a few too… it was a great day and of course, great to see you and Rob again! Feel better and good luck with Insanity!!!

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