Running Angela is Back!

I went for a run!  I know, seems silly that I am so excited but if you think about it, my last real, decently long run was for the April Fool’s Day 7K.  Yesterday, since it was National Running Day, I had to go for some sort of run.  Since I still wasn’t sure about my cold (but feeling a lot better), I just promised myself 1 mile.  So I headed out on my regular route (which is a mile and a half, hehe).  When I got to a road I hadn’t explored yet, I decided then was an excellent time to do so!  Came back to the house with 4 miles under my belt!!


The first mile went relatively smooth.  I was getting my groove back, finding my stride.  The rest of the miles were a little rough.  Once I took that first walk break, it was downhill from there.  During mile 3, I started to slack with my form and my hip started to hurt.  I stopped to stretch and moved on.  It was hotter than I expected because the road I explored had no shade and no breeze at all while my normal path was cooler, so by mile 4, I was pretty beat from the heat and the lack of training. 

Today, I have that nice soreness that only comes from a run.  My ankle is bothering me though!!!  Remember, the one that acted up during Insanity.  It was a little noticeable when I first started out yesterday but then went away.  Today, it is just a little tight, no pain.  Let’s hope it gets used to running again and goes back to normal!

So Rob and I were hoping that running again would help my sleeping.  On night #1, it did not but it’s a little too soon to test.


I also keep finding bugs in my apartment (eek!!) and had 2 on me last night!!!  That definitely leads to light sleeping!  Anyway, so my big problem is that I’m not tired at night.  I have to force myself to lay down.  But I have the worst time getting up in the morning!  Well, while browsing blogs last night, I stumbled over this old post at Mark’s Daily Apple on how to wake up easier in the mornings!  One of my theories is that I’m just not physically exhausted by the end of day, so I might have to try their first tip, even if I get funny looks at work!

On a final note, there was nothing special about my dinner last night.  Just salmon, asparagus, and sweet potatoes but I got this phenomenal picture of it.  Makes it look delicious!


That’s all the news for today!  I am so excited that I am cleared again for exercise.  Oh, my cold didn’t act up much at all.  My nose was a little runny but nothing too terrible and I only had 1 coughing fit due to the fact that my drink was sugary and not plain water.  I’m good to go!  Still going to do relatively easy workouts until I’m 100% though just to make sure I’m not keeping myself from healing Smile

9 thoughts on “Running Angela is Back!

  1. Glad to hear you got “your run” back 🙂

    The ankle (ooo, here I go!) may be an older thing. You injured it. Things don’t just bounce back like they used to do. If you’re really careful, a soft-tissue injury can bother a healthy person for a year! That doesn’t mean to expect it but it could / does (everybody I know!).

    It’s so funny: I HATED sweet potatoes my whole life til about 2 years ago (I don’t eat them often but learned I like them SAVOURY, not sweet). Anyhoo, now that I’m trying to be Paleo? No sweet potatoes. I’ve craved them for about 3 months!

    Looking into the SCD (many people feel it’s similar to Paleo but I’d say NO–it’s really its own thing and it meant for people with any kind of bowel distress; the more I read about it, the less I feel that I need it: I don’t have diarrhea …usually, obviously everybody gets it and when I’m cc’d, yes… but after you get over the introductory phases of healing the gut, it’s like Paleo PLUS a bunch of foods. I’d say, that “faux Paleo” where people eat butter and bacon? They’re doing SCD (final stage)! I got under 2 hours of sleep last night. I’m going to read your article now (although I probably have tried it all over the years; another thing: I sleep BETTER at night if I’m not fatigued…my fatigue may be another “exhaustion” but still — I do!).

    1. My ankle better not take a year! LoL

      I get sweet potatoes for my endurance runs. Last night after my run, I was craving fried foods and carbs like woah so I had the sweet potato to help (what I would have done for french fries!!)

      And today just for fun, I signed up for the emails on Mark’s Daily Apple. He sends out a free Primal guide and exercise thingy too. Just thought I’d mention it in case you wanted to check it out! Mark’s Daily Apple Freebies

    2. I know how much you love your smart phone apps…check out Robb Wolf’s blog today…they talked about a Paleo app… I didn’t check it out yet, it’s on the iphone/pad and android and it’s called Only Paleo… and it’s $1.99

  2. Yeah for you on your run! Boo on the sleep! Hopefully, the better you start feeling and the more physical activity you can do, the better you will sleep…I’ll keep sending you sleep vibes! I on the other hand, went to bed super early last night (just before 9!!!) and got up great at 4:30 to get ready for my 5am run!!! We’ll see how I fair the rest of the day and tonight…would love to be back to a 9:30pm-4:30am sleeping schedule!

    1. 4:30?! I need to start doing that. Oy! How do you find the motivation to get up that early?! I guess because I can get to work whenever, its hard to get up earlier. But once summer comes, I don’t want to run in the heat so I’ve gotta do it before work and before its too warm!

      1. There are about 6 of us who run together. So there is the peer pressure and the fact that the night before I commit to meeting them so, if I say I’m going, then I better get up and go!!! Not so sure I’d do it if it was just me…I’d wait until a more decent hour!!!!

  3. YEAAAAA for getting out and running! I also ran on national running day, unfortuantly I had to run on a treadmill.

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