Running Back to Philly

Big news!  I’m back in the running game!


For the last few weeks, I had been beating around the idea of doing a half marathon in the Fall. When the emails about July 1st price increases starting really jamming up my inbox and Facebook feed, I knew I had to make a decision ASAP.  I thought about my list of regular races and decided on the Philadelphia Half Marathon for a couple of reasons:

  • I have never done a race at this particular event (Philadelphia Marathon Weekend).
  • The November 23rd race date would give me more time to train.
  • The race is well organized.
  • The race date falls nicely in my semester schedule and after rugby season.

The only downside to this race is that it starts at 7AM!  And I live an hour away!  Eek, that’s basically a 5:15 AM departure time for me.  But if that is the only bad thing, then I’ll survive!

The race is 21 weeks away from today so there will be some things to figure out like a training plan and why the heck I picked 2:30 as a goal finish time.  All these things will work out but for now, I’m just excited to be back into the race schedule.  I’m thinking I should probably start running when I get back to NJ too!  (Where the injury-preventing-running-sneakers are located!)

Do you have any races planned for the Fall season?

The funniest part about all of this: when I proposed the idea to Rob he told me he had been thinking about registering me for a race so I had something to train for.  What a sweetie! 

4 thoughts on “Running Back to Philly

  1. Good ol’ Rob…always thinking of you! Now you’ve just got to get him to do it with you! 😉
    Can’t wait to see your training schedule…I’m sure you’ll put together a great one!

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