Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. Why “The Chicken Scoop”?  Well, when I started this blog, we had just gotten a small flock of chickens and the name just stuck!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Running Geek

Good morning!  It is rainy today so I’m sad I can’t run at the park Sad smile  I will just have to find something else to do instead but I’m not sure yet what that will be!

IMG_20130611_182811Tuesday’s workout was Zumba class like I mentioned yesterday.  My friend Sara teaches classes all over the area at different gyms.  The Cultural Center is right near my house and they charge $3 per class which works out great for me (I’d rather not fork out steady money every month to a gym).  I think I might start going regularly on Tuesdays when she teaches!


Wednesday, I knew I had to run alone if I wanted to go since I was heading out right as Rob was coming home from work.  I headed over the new trail again and it kicked my butt!  My heart rate was staying between 150 and 165 bpm the whole time which is pretty high for me.  A typical run for me would usually be in the 140s.  There were many walk breaks but it felt good.  I think it was just an “off” day for my body but at least I got out there.




Last night, I met a friend to see Spirit of the Marathon II.  I’m almost sure you’ve never heard of it.  It is basically a documentary following various people who are training for the Rome Marathon (some newbies, some veterans, some professional runners).  The first movie was really inspiring and this one was pretty good too.  It was just a nice night out with a running buddy.  Good excuse to get out of the house!

No big plans for today.  I have a long list of little to-do’s and big ones too.  I already got a few done.  I think today instead of making a to-do list, I’m going to make a done list.  I get too stressed worrying about all the things that need to get done.  Maybe I’ll feel more productive writing them down after they are finished and see how long my list is by the end of the day!  Off to get started!

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