Running on the OC Boardwalk

Running on the OC Boardwalk

What a week it has been!  I’ve been struggling to study.  It just isn’t something I was ever good at.  I always learned as I went.  I hate exams.  But anyway.  I’ve been reading so hopefully enough will stick that I can pass this exam on Monday.  If not, I can take it next year (for another $500…).  Anyway!

Rob and I have been rocking this week.  I always do so much better with my fitness when I am in control on my schedule.  I have always been an afternoon exerciser.  I did great when I would work 7-3:30 and then come home and work out.  This week, every day after Rob got off work, we went for a run.  Yep, you read that right.  Every. Day.  Yesterday, Rob decided we should run on the Ocean City (NJ) boardwalk and then walk around afterward.

2014-07-31 18.17.12

This was actually one of my best runs this week!  The first mile, we finished in 12:20!!  I have been pulling about 14 minute miles lately (on trails) so almost 12 minutes was crazy.  I was breathing hard but felt good.  It also helped that the boardwalk is flat and the wind was to our backs.  Our second mile was around 12:50.  I’m pretty happy with all that.  Even though the boardwalk was pretty busy, most people move out of the way of runners, especially when they realize they are walking in the runners lane (yes, there are labeled lanes on this boardwalk for runners, bikers, surreys, and pedestrians!).  Most of the time, it was kids who were like “Oh no!  We’re in their lane!”.  It was kind of cute.

2014-07-31 16.55.18Afterwards, we got “dinner”.  Okay, so maybe eating curly fries right after our run isn’t exactly healthy but I knew it was going to go down when I got there.  They are the most delicious curly fries in the world and I don’t care one bit.  They were amazing.  And the giant lemonade was pretty awesome too after running in the heat.  Rob and I had a moment of discussion about the best curly fry place.  We agreed on which brand but not which location (there are 2 on the boards).  We went with his location.  I was too hungry to walk back to the other one!

There was a miniature gold place right next door (there are several on the boardwalk) so we decided we would play a round since it wasn’t too busy.  I kicked Rob’s butt.

2014-07-31 17.47.412014-07-31 17.48.082014-07-31 17.48.37
2014-07-31 17.17.202014-07-31 17.29.37

We were pretty tired after this but determined to get some Johnson’s Popcorn before leaving.  It you have never had Johnson’s Popcorn, well, I just feel sorry for you.  If you get it on the boardwalk, it is still warm caramel corn, but you can order it online too.  Well, we ended up turning the wrong way and walking all the way to the farthest location (3 of these on the boards – are you seeing a theme here?).  We got our popcorn though and then hobbled back to the car to head home for hot showers and some couch time.

2014-07-31 18.17.07

I think we need to make this a regular part of our running schedule.  I promise not to gorge myself on curly fries every time!

What is your favorite summer activity?

Going to the OC boardwalk has always been one of my favorite things to do.  It was really nice being there on a weekday because it wasn’t very busy at all.  I used to go there almost every day in high school because: I had a car and I could surf at 7th street.  I miss those days!

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  1. That place looks like so much fun!!! And how cute are you and Rob!?!?! Can’t get over it. Need to make a trip there soon!

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