Running Plans

Running Plans

I really want to be a better blogger here on the Chicken Scoop.  If that means sharing more of my weight loss, health, and fitness journey than I normally do, then so be it.  If I have to copy and paste my blogs from my other website, then I’ll do that too!  Here we go!

Lately, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed.  There is a lot going on in life personally that I have to deal with which has made me fall off the health wagon a bit.  I have been pretty good at tracking my food but not much else.  I’ve also been feeling overwhelmed when I look at my workout schedule. I made it a while back, ambitious to train for my half marathon. Well, I haven’t been putting in the workouts like I should so I’m in no condition to do the schedule I had planned. I looked online (just yesterday) for some 8 week plans but couldn’t find anything I liked (and knew I could handle) Well, that all changed yesterday when I got my Runner’s World in the mail!

It is the Half Marathon Special! Ha! And inside, I found this!

A 10 week training program (which would then start this week). It is much more toned down (The other one, I would run and ST on the same day. This one, I ST only on the days that say “Rest/XT”. I plan to do circuit training for my ST to get that extra cardio in! I’ve already changed all my calendars and am excited to start! But that whole starting thing. I hate being out of workout routine because its so hard to start again. I already have a bike ride with Rob planned for tonight which will be nice. It is really time to step it up. Thinking about making a collage for it or something to keep me focused! Excited for my race training!!!

emoticon For my fellow runners out there, have you tried tempo runs and/or interval training? Which do you find works better to build speed? emoticon

I am a pretty well educated runner (I read a whole lot about running and have trained for several long races before) but I never really did speed work. This plan has only tempo runs, once per week with 2 short easy runs and one long run.  My original training plan alternated weekly between tempo runs and intervals instead of just tempos.  The other idea was to change one of my easy runs to an interval run.  Anyone ever played with tempo or interval training?  Hills are kind of out of the question since I live in South Jersey where its FLAT!  Haha.  Definitely going to do some sort of speed work to at least get a little faster!  Can’t hurt!

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