Saint Louis Day 2: Race Expo

Saint Louis Day 2: Race Expo

Saturday, we got up nice and early so we could get our day started.  Actually, we tried sleeping in until 7 but with our bodies on East Coast time, we were up at 6 (which is really 7 to us).  We really liked out hotel but were bummed when we realized it didn’t include breakfast.  I had thought I had booked a hotel that had but we went with the flow.  Luckily they had a bistro in the lobby that served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They had great, healthy selections too!  I got the basic breakfast while Rob ordered the oatmeal.


Finally, we headed out to pick up Tiffany, Kristen, and Andrew to go to the expo.  On our way, we stopped at the famous Drive-In Donuts.  There was a small line outside but we didn’t wait that long.  The donuts were AMAZING!  We got fresh, still hot glazed donuts that were fantastic!  My apple fritter was to die for also.  It’s a good thing I don’t like near there because I think donuts would become a bad habit!  Definitely stop here if you are in Saint Louis!


We finally got to the expo bright and early.  It was nice because it wasn’t busy yet.  We finally made sure to get a girls photo too!  Even Andrew found some things to enjoy at the expo.


DSC_4269I had some things I wanted to get for the race.  I got these cute arm warmers from Brooks for the race since it was supposed to be cold in the morning.  I also got this adorable t-shirt from Raw Threads with a girlie 26.2 design on the front.  I can’t wait to wear it!  It is made out of bamboo also which means its super soft.  I already want more of their shirts!

DSC_4270We also stopped by “The Stick” guys and bought yet another one!  Now we have the stiffest massaging stick, the most flexible one, the hand roller, and the foot roller!  I really wanted the foot roller with the arch pain I’ve been having.  I almost bought yet another massaging stick.  It was short, small enough for travel and/or your gym bag.  Maybe at the next expo…

We also stopped by the KT tape booth to get my ankle wrapped up.  I am so glad I did.  There is a huge difference between the basic tape and the Pro line of tape.  He also modified the tape job to accommodate my ankle support and arch soreness. 

We were all getting hungry so we headed out to Joey B’s on the Hill to get some lunch.  It is a cute local place that Kristen loves eating out.  I give it two thumbs up!  I got a turkey burger which was delicious.  Rob enjoyed their pulled pork sandwich.  The place was cute and had great food!


After lunch, Rob and I dropped everyone off because we wanted to go explore some more while they all wanted to rest a bit.  We headed downtown to see the signature Arch of course!  The park made for beautiful photos.


There were helicopter rides too but it was $35 a person for a 2-3 minute ride.  Rob decided it was too pricey for us to do but I caught this cool picture as it was landing.


We also walked back down to the expo because there was something else I had wanted to look at again and Rob wanted to have the KT tape guys tape up his calves.  He gets cramps because he runs on this toes.  They had to shave the hair off because the tape wouldn’t stick!


Finally, we stopped at the store for some more race supplies and then headed back to Kristen’s house for dinner.  That night, Kristen and Tiffany made bacon wrapped chicken (which was fabulous), sweet potato fries, and Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies from Frisky Lemon.  Everything was amazing! Rob and I did each enjoy a glass of wine also but we made sure to keep hydrating with water. Then it was off to get a good night’s sleep!


One last thing, Andrew spotted an owl outside the house before we left.  He was pretty cool!


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