July So Far

July So Far

First, I feel like my July goals are just slipping away!  It has been hard this week with Rob around.  My routine is all thrown off and he knows it!  We did get up yesterday and went for a run.  I almost didn’t go but then got a message from a friend that I couldn’t let Rob be a reason to slack off!  It was a dreadful 2 miles.  One of those runs where you feel like you are pushing so hard and then you realize you’ve barely moved at the slowest pace ever!  But it was done!  I also did a little yoga when I got back to stretch out.  I needed that!

As you can see, the strength training is not going well and I missed a day of yoga.  At least I’ve been tracking and working on getting my water in!

And to end, I wanted to share some pictures from my nice camera.  Nothing too fancy really.  Either just pretty pictures or funny pictures of the cats.  They are all such goofballs!  And of course, some pictures of the fireworks from yesterday (a little streaky, I don’t have a tripod yet).  You can see the capitol building (of Delaware) in the lower right hand corner.  It was beautiful!

That was after the storm.  The sky looked beautiful!  And with no power, we had to entertain ourselves the old fashioned way!  Next is a picture of our neighbor’s property.  That is what I basically see out of my living room window every day.

Kitty Photos of the Week

Our cats are seriously obsessed with cardboard boxes.  Spooky especially.  This isn’t the only picture I have of her in a box, silly thing.

The boy cats have bonded.  They are buddies, always hanging out with each other!

What did you do for 4th of July or Canada Day?

2 thoughts on “July So Far

  1. I love the kitty pics (of course) I think all cats are obsessed with boxes… Your fireworks are smashing!
    Canada Day was really low-key around here. The city cancelled all the celebrations because of the mall roof collapse the week before. Two people were killed and the city/police staff were swamped… No celebratory feelings. I feel bad for the kids, but I think we will be having a Kids Day some upcoming weekend that might make up for it.

  2. It’s wonderful seeing those blue skies, horses and green pastures. That’s what we’re meant to look like, not Arizona 🙁 Having AZ weather the past 2 summers means we’re not our lush/ green selves! I miss it.

    I’m doing poorly, too, and I shouldn’t use the man affecting my home as an excuse, either! Not a hubby or boy friend: brother.

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