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Snow Love

Happy Snow Day!  Classes were canceled today because Philadelphia and South Jersey can’t handle it at all.  In their defense, we apparently got a lot of snow the last day or so which is hard on any town.  In other news, my alma mater, Syracuse University, is the snowiest college in the country!  No surprise there, as we got 181 inches my sophomore year!

n5503907_30008970_6195Every single Syracuse winter day.  No canceled classes here!

Yesterday, before the snow started, I managed to sneak out to the gym for Step Fusion class.  I love doing step and this one was pretty basic which still fun.  The “fusion” part was that the class was followed by a strength and conditioning session.  It wasn’t really my favorite because, like with most gym classes, it was high rep-low weight.  I would have preferred to duck out after the step part and do my own weights in the weight room but something is better than nothing!

Today, I woke up feeling super good about myself and jumped on the scale.  Up 2 pounds!  Meh.

I know, you probably thought like the usual weight loss blogger, I would lament over my gain but it is probably just water or something.  I ate really well the last few days and tracked everything.  Just have to keep that up!

What do you do on snow days?

When I was little, of course I played in the snow!!!  Now, I stay in the house trying to get warm.  The heat can’t work hard enough for me!  I might take a peak outside for some cute snow/bird pictures too Smile

DSC_5798 - Copy

  • http://www.notsosuddenlysusan.com/ Susan @ {not so}Suddenly Susan

    I do nothing on snow days. haha. I plan on doing things and getting in good workouts, but I end up sleeping and watching TV. Being lazy at it’s finest.

  • kristen

    I snuck in a secret weigh in (dont tell tiffany haha) and I was up 5 lbs. I think that stress is really getting to me….. :( luckily I have four days off after this :)

    • TiffyDawn

      She doesn’t have to tell me, you just did!!! HA!!!
      Blame it on the stress, don’t let the gain get to you, or it will add even more stress! Just do what you need to do, eat well, sleep well and move some.

  • TiffyDawn

    Snow days are ok – for me it means piles of snow clothes/mittens/gloves/hats to deal with! Kids go out, play, get cold/tired, come in, watch tv, get bored, go out, play, get cold/tired, come in, watch tv…you get the picture!
    We didn’t have snow days in western MA for college either. The first time I woke up to over 2 feet of snow I thought for sure we’d have one, but nope. We trudged through it to class!