Spring 2014 Ready to Go

Spring 2014 Ready to Go

The semester has officially started!  Yes, I know it actually started almost 2 weeks ago but I kept flip flopping on which classes to take and here is my schedule:


My Wednesday morning class is only every other week so that makes it a little less hectic too.  You can see I have those 2 really long days that will be a little stressful.  I like my two short days though!  Look, I can hit the gym in the evenings with Rob!  Of course, most of that white area is homework time or other school stuff.  A lot of it is taken up walking between buildings too so that is a bit of a time waster but nothing I can do about that.  I am happy with this schedule and my classes so let’s hope this semester goes a little smoother than the last!

Since we’re talking about my school schedule, here are some challenges I must deal with during the semester:

  • Time wasters like inefficiency, going online too much, getting distracted.
  • Lots of unavoidable commuting time including walking, driving, and taking the train.
  • Making sure I pack enough food to get me through the day.
  • Having energy to hit the gym after my short days.
  • Having energy to get up at 5 to hit the gym on my late days (or go on the weekends).
  • Avoiding stress eating or eating crappy foods because I waited too long (and didn’t pack enough – see above).
  • Staying hydrated (I forget to drink water often).

That is just a few.  There are always other things like homework taking priority over… everything.  Studying, reading, spending time with Rob, etc.  It is all a balancing act but the point is to know what you challenges will be so you are prepared to deal with them.  I am SO READY for this semester, you have no idea! 

I think its because I have a math class (did I just geek out on you guys?  Yeah, I think so).


Okay now I have to be off to get me some coffee and maybe send out a few emails before class!  Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Ready to Go

  1. girl, you got this!!
    Anytime you want to add a park walk, I am in!! Friday after school or any weekend!!
    Good luck with this semester!
    <3 Jen

  2. what a great schedule! I have to get my workouts in FIRST thing, or it just doesnt happen. I also feel bad taking andrew to the gym after he has been in school all day, and then he has to go to the daycare. I am thinking about getting a bike trainer, since I like to ride. That way I wouldn’t miss sundays since the day care isn’t open on those days. STUPID?!?! I think so. haha

    1. I was just thinking that I could get out of the 5AM Monday workout if I exercise on the weekends instead. Then Monday and Thursday would be rest days and I could go later in the morning on Fridays if I wanted to. It is just *so* early!!!

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