Sugar Shock

I didn’t want to get up this morning!  Nor did I want to do my Insanity workout (but I did and it was hard and slow and blah).  And I started to think about what the hell got into me. 

Yesterday was a sugar fest!

I had peeps that Rob bought me, some mini Cadbury eggs, a Godiva truffle, and ice cream.  Normally, I don’t have this many sugary things in the house.  I like to keep a bowl of the mini eggs around to munch on.  I usually only have a few throughout the day so its no big deal but I just have too many things around right now!  Today, I will be much better at avoiding those temptations and hopefully my workout tomorrow will be more enjoyable!

Not much else going on.  Did Insanity today and just as good of a video as yesterday.  Knee didn’t bother me at all when I got up this morning either!  I have been using New Skin on it and I think it is really helping!  I still (and always) have tons of work to do so now its off to school for classes!  Have a great day everyone!

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