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Summer Running Plan

The first official training run is done! 


Most training plans are 12-16 weeks.  My official training plan is only 12 weeks long so I guess I’m in a sort of pre-training period?  I’m just working on building up to 4 miles of consistent running (a few walk breaks are always allowed though).  I’m not using any programs (like Coach to 5K) but just listening to my body as I go.  I’ve been running long enough to know the difference between real pain/tiredness verses laziness.  Yesterday’s run was a trail run and I just jogged slowly or walked if I needed to.  I even stopped a few times to stretch.


I’m really happy with this run!  The loop was only 1.55 miles but we chose to keep going to 2 miles and ended up overshooting.  My knee wasn’t too excited last night but it is feeling fine today.  I just have to be careful not to overdo it and end up with an overtraining injury.

I’ll be working on a few things in my Pre-Training period:

  • Getting used to running again
  • Getting used to 6 days/week of exercise
  • Strengthening abs and legs for all this running
  • Building mileage

My goal for training is to reach 3 runs per week of at least 3 miles plus cross training and strength workouts.  I need to reach a long run of at least 4 miles before training begins.  I already showed you guys my plan for official training but I have an alternate schedule until then:


I tried to make a schedule that incorporated all of my goals for pre-training.  I’ll use the cross training days as easy cardio days if needed or extra strength workouts.  I have plenty of planning for all this running, now I just have to do it!

Well, I don’t want to bore you all with a workout recap for every single run so look for weekly posts on the weekends.  I’m going to be really busy for the next month so I’ll blog when I can.  I start working up at school this afternoon so it is back to those 2 hour train commutes (only 1:15 on the train but there’s some driving and walking too).  I train for the next 2 weeks and then start working whenever they schedule me.  I will have a lot of really late nights so the morning priorities will be workouts, food prep, and studying.  Studying because I have my first board exam on August 4th.  Eek!  Anyway, I have to get everything ready for today.  I feel like I have so much to do and no time!

3 comments to Summer Running Plan

  • wahooo!!! So glad you are back to running! you are going to kick butt

  • Tiffany

    Great job on the first run! Remember, a trail run might be slower too due to the softer ground and less rebound…you also have to “push off” more on a softer surface…good to mix it up if you can between trail and road…
    Best of luck in your new work at school! Have fun and I know you’ll use the train “down time” and accomplish something too!

  • Jimmy

    the plan looks good! Add little interval runs if possible.

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