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The Angela Diet

Yesterday, a couple of friends asked me about how my diet has been since starting Insanity.  First, I made a collage of some pictures I’ve taken of my foods over the past 2 months.  I tend to take more pictures when I eat out but you can get an idea of what I have normally.


My diet right now has pretty much been this:

  • Clean eating on weekdays
  • 1 or 2 cheat meals on the weekends
  • Minimal grains – only oatmeal or at cheat meals
  • Month 1:  Cleaned up my diet from before Insanity
  • Month 2:  Got tighter on the calories

So I’m just going to accept that I haven’t lost anything even though its still frustrating.  And we could dissect my diet and discuss my cheat meals but it all boils down to this for me:

If I hadn’t changed my diet when I first started Insanity, and I added 6 days a week of high intensity workouts, my body should have changed.

Whether it is weight (which I have no idea because Rob took the scale to work) or inches (which I haven’t lost any because I’ve checked), I should have lost something?  And my diet actually got slightly better when I started Insanity.  And its even better now (but that change will take time).  So basically, I’m just frustrated, sore, and tired.  I know what would  have helped but I’m going to save that for my final Insanity review.  Let’s just say it involves moving heavy objects around.

Since we’re on the subject of my diet today, I ate grains yesterday.  And I was in the worst pain.  I hadn’t had any rice or things lately, just oatmeal a few times a week and maybe some grains in my cheat meals on the weekends (like bread, pasta).  Well, apparently solid grains like rice should never beaten by me (softer things seem to not be as bad like pasta or rolled oats).  So looks like Rob and I are going 100% Paleo and it’s a good decision for us.  I’m not saying everyone should do it but for me, it’s the healthiest thing to do.


And because I felt so awful yesterday, I’m using today as somewhat of a detox day.  I might even eat nothing but smoothies all day (though I do have meat defrosted already that needs to be eaten).  Anything to make my stomach feel better!

2 comments to The Angela Diet

  • Let’s just say it involves moving heavy objects around.


    You KNOW (I’ve done Insanity and wasn’t training for a marathon at the same time!) you have worked HARD. What was the actual goal?

    I’m not sure it was “losing weight.” That may have been a hope bouncing around in there but I thought it was about upping your running skillz? Please to-forgive-if I’m mixed up AGAIN! You have made huge “gains” in fitness. I’m not sure if it’s fair to attach a weight goal at the same time.

    In short: you’re awesome and you sure as heck have been killing it.

    I think Paleo is absolutely a good choice for anybody (even vegetarians), particularly since they’ve okayed legumes (save soy and peanuts for obvious reasons). Anytime I can “play Paleo-ish” is better than how I’ve been lately!

    • Yeah I mostly did Insanity because Rob really wanted me to. And to get into a regular fitness routine (I had really fallen out of working out regularly). So I guess it accomplished that. I *said* I just wanted to gain running fitness, but really I was *hoping* I would melt some inches off! My jeans aren’t fitting any more and I don’t want to buy new clothes! But you are right, I haven’t definitely gotten better physically. I was thinking, in addition to the fit test on Monday, maybe I will do a 2 mile time trial. See how fast I can run it???

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