This Week With Me: Sewing & Ice Cream Hats

This past week has been pretty crazy!  Last Wednesday, I left my house at 6:30AM and walked in the front door at 12:30 AM (as in Thursday morning).  I was beat and went to bed as soon as I could but was awoken all night by calf spasms from my Body Beast Legs workout on Tuesday.  This was the start of sleep deprivation for me.

Thursday was spent hanging out with my sister.  I wore compression socks under my jeans all day which dramatically helped the soreness.  My poor thighs had to suffer though.  That night, Rob and I headed to the Phillies game with some friends.  The best part was when the Philly Phanatic came into our section!

2014-09-11 19.27.192014-09-11 19.57.08

Again, I was exhausted Thursday, after getting home late, so we slept in on Friday.  Once we rolled out of bed, we got breakfast and then I had some work to do.  I was working on the back porch when my brother and his wife stopped in.  It was really nice seeming them for a bit!  They don’t live that far away but our schedules don’t really line up and we hardly see them.  My parents also stopped in but I had to run to get my work done before heading to a friend’s house for an Arbonne party (I sell it too, she is my upline so I went for moral support and hanging out!). 


So it was yet another night of getting in late and I tried sleeping in again on Saturday to no avail.  We had a home rugby game so at least there wasn’t much travel.  That’s all we really did that day.  Tried going to bed a little earlier!


And am I the only one super excited about the fact that cool weather means knee high boots are back?!


Sunday was spent mostly doing lots of homework.  We took a break to run to the fabric store and to get my hair cut.  It took way longer than it should have so I came home with less time that I wanted, still with work to do.  Finally, Monday, I had class and had to grade papers the rest of the day! 

2014-09-16 15.20.06

I promise to post a picture of the finished product.  I’m so excited about it!  Oh, speaking of sewing, I made 2 skirts for the Renaissance Faire a few weeks ago and never showed you all!  My mother-in-law helped a ton.  She’s the best!

DSC_4384Rockin’ the hoop skirts!

Phew, are you as tired as me just from reading that?!  In all this, I didn’t manage to work out until Monday with a 2 mile run as the sun set.  I’m wondering what I will do once the sun starts setting earlier.  The only time I have on Mondays is after I get home from school and the time varies.  I don’t have a gym membership so the treadmill isn’t an option.  Today, I spent some time working on a take home exam and got another run in!  I have a ton of stuff to take care of but don’t even know where to start.  As of next week, I will start shadowing at a clinic 2 days per week so my schedule is going to get even crazier!

As for weight loss stuff, I had some really poor eating days but I’ve been trying to be better this week.  I’m also trying to get more water in.  I don’t drink nearly enough water during the day and too much coffee.  That doesn’t help with the sleeping thing either!  My goals for this week:

  • Drink TONS of water (okay, how about 64 ounces per day?)
  • Thursday:  Cross Train
  • Friday:  5 Mile Run
  • Saturday:  Yoga

I’ve been really tight and sore during runs.  It is part muscle weakness (need to hit the weights more!) and part lack of mobility.  I really like the yoga DVD that comes with P90X but it is 90 minutes long.  The T25 Stretch DVD looks really good too but I haven’t tried it yet.  I need to do something to help my muscles recover and deal with running better.  Saturday is the day for that!  Well, enough babble for today.  I think I’m all caught up!

Do you stretch or practice yoga often?
I’ve been doing yoga off and on since high school!  I wish I was more consistent with it.  I always enjoyed doing it alone at home rather than in a class setting.  I need to do it more if I want to keep up my habit of not stretching after workouts…

Do you enjoy ice cream in little baseball hats?
I get Turkey Hill ice cream at every baseball game and my friends were annoyed that I must have a whole stack of these little hats around the house yet they have never seen a cat wearing one.  Well, here is it. You’re welcome.

2014-09-11 21.07.25
2014-09-12 15.32.102014-09-16 10.00.52

One thought on “This Week With Me: Sewing & Ice Cream Hats

  1. Andrew loves eating out of those baseball caps! They have those at ted drewes 😉
    I love yoga and stretching but dont do nearly enough. I find time for workouts,b ut when it comes time for stretching, I skip it. Need to work on that!
    Try the t25 stretch. it isn’t yoga but its good

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