Touchdown in MO

Touchdown in MO

Hello from St Louis!! Rob and I had a great quick flight and are at the airport waiting for our friend Tiffany to land also. Then it’s off to Kristen’s house!

This weekend is going to be crazy I think but fun! I am tweeting and updating facebook like crazy. I’m also on OnTheRoad updating with GPS. My username is sugirl. Check it out because I will be posting during the marathon on Sunday!! (Just click on the link to OnTheRoad).  I can’t seem to get it to update Twitter though. Or you can just wait for update blogs!

Like I said before, I am treating this trip as a mini vacation. At least with the race, I still have to eat pretty healthy!

I took some time on the plane to think about the upcoming challenge too and I think it’s going to be huge!! I am so excited to start!! Anyway, I need go run. Tiffany should be here soon!!

2 thoughts on “Touchdown in MO

    1. It was uh… I finished. LoL! I’m working on the recap post now. I had a great time in St. Louis though! It is so beautiful there!!! I’ll post all my blogs tomorrow morning 🙂

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