Training Time!

Body Beast starts tomorrow.


I tried it once before and didn’t complete the program.  I really enjoyed the workouts.  Sagi (the host) is pretty funny but laid back.  Despite what it looks like from the ads, it is not a man’s man type workout.  The people in the DVDs are actually pretty cool and I don’t feel like the testosterone is jumping out of my television.  It is just a good lifting program!

Also, this time, I have friends!  I know of at least 4 other women who are starting tomorrow and they know I am too.  Accountability!

The first few weeks will be really tough as I have a ton of school work to get done.  Rob is joining us too so hopefully I can squeeze in workouts with him so it is easier to get it done.  I’ll also have to move Wednesday’s workout but I know this ahead of time.  I’ll just shuffle some things around!

My last class for the fall is next Monday so I will have more time to get workouts done after this week.  I will still have other work but at least no on-campus commitments meaning I’ll be able to hit my gym more!  I plan on adding running back in next week also when I have the time.  I’ll run about 3 times per week, time permitting.

So that is all the news for now.  I won’t be able to blog for the next few days at least.  I’ll be back to report on workouts soon enough!

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