Tri-State Traveller

Happy Monday!  I’m in my third state for today already, as in: New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania!  I had to make sure some forms got submitted at my old school so I drove down to take care of it in person.  Now, I have class at 1:30 in Philly.  I’m going to crash of exhaustion tonight!

So anyway, nothing to exciting this weekend.  Rob and I went to the Phillies Game yesterday which is always fun.  The weather was beautiful out too!


I hit the gym twice this weekend.  It felt good to move again even though what I am really craving is a run.  I went without a plan and just hit each body part.  Friday was in the weight room while Saturday’s workout was in the the “CrossFit” room.


Sometimes,  you just have to get there and move.  I really do need to make it out there more often but my schedule has just been crazy.  I’m working on making sure I go on the weekends 🙂

On a related note,  my diet has been terrible.  It doesn’t seem so bad at first glance but it really is.  Anything I make is fine but a lot of extras have been slipping in.  I think I need to track to get myself back into a healthy habit but you guys know how much I hate it (and do I really have the time??)

Nothing else for now.  I have to get back to studying so off I go!

3 thoughts on “Tri-State Traveller

  1. That crossfit room makes me want to go lift! Looks like a fun room…I got to “play” this morning, paying for it now, though!

  2. I wish I had a crossfit room! Although I would need a helper to teach me some of the moves. Some day I will try crossfit (I have said that a ton I know haha)

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