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Triathlon (Of Sorts)

BodyPumpGood morning everyone!  So I had the most amazing time at the gym last night!  I attended Zumba, Body Pump, and Yoga.  All of the classes were excellent and the people at the gym were really friendly.  Yoga reminded me how much I love it!  Did you know I started doing yoga when I was about 13 or 14?  Yep, its been a long time love of mine!  Zumba was pretty good but no class will ever live up to my gym back home Annoyed .  I still have a blast though. 

I wore my heart rate monitor (which gave me a rash by the way!!  eek!) and my total burn for the night was 1186 calories!!  I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted at that point.  LoL.  After the gym, Alissa and I went out to eat and I ended up having a burger.  I so wanted red meat after that!  I ate the bun and some garlic bread too which isn’t Paleo but I needed to replace those carbs.  I was joking with Alissa that I had just done an endurance event for 3 hours so I needed those carbs.  She told me I had just done a new type of triathlon!  Haha! 

sobelifewaterI tried a new beverage for the gym last night and it was pretty good!  Sobe now makes a LifeWater made with coconut water.  I tried the Pomegranate flavored version simply because it had more potassium in it.  The flavor was alright (I don’t really like flavored waters and things) so next time I will try the plain.  It was nice to have something other than just water!  And they sell this on campus (which is totally not health conscious at all typically, I was surprised to find this) so I can get it whenever I am in a pinch on the way to the gym!

Not much else to report!  I still haven’t decided on the gym.  I might just join the school gym for the summer and then see how I feel in August/September when the membership expires (you pay by semester).  It felt good to be in classes again!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  See how excited I am?  I DID PUSHUPS!!!!  During Body Pump, you sometimes have to do push ups.  I used to do them on an incline or on my knees and I could never do them all.  I did every. single. one.  I found during the whole class that I was performing way better than I ever did before.  I attribute it 100% to Insanity!  It has made me so much stronger.  Before, running made my cardio improve faster than anything else I had ever tried.  Now I’ve discovered that Insanity made me stronger in a shorter amount of time than Body Pump or anything else I ever did!  I mean, it is every day and maybe that’s why, but I don’t care, it works.  I love feeling strong and sexy!

On that note, happy Friday!  See you next week!

4 comments to Triathlon (Of Sorts)

  • Yup. PUs are excellent.

    Just remember even though you’re younger and don’t have an autoimmune disease:

    don’t be TOO crazy.

    I got up to 64 “real” PUs at a time before I broke. My rotator cuff tore DOING PUSHUPS (without rest days). I never did the insanity-style/ fast ones, I always did 8-count pushups (8 counts for one, no bum in the air, straight plank, etc). My version was strict but it wasn’t that which busted me up (to a LOT of medical expense, pain that still bothers me, etc.). It was not giving recovery days (you could probably use one day off in between; I used none…I loved doing them, so I worked on them daily).

    Be smart! It’s easy to be smarter than I am but be smart 🙂

    • I really hate push ups so you need not worry about me overdoing it with those! LoL. And as for 4-a-days (recall, I also ran yesterday morning), it was simply for research. I rested when I needed to during those classes. I went light on the weights. Yoga was heavenly. Not actually that sore today! But tiiiired!!

  • kristen @ livinlifeinlouie

    Burning a 1,000 calories!! damn girl, that is IMPRESSIVE! Awesome job!
    And Im working on the pushups too. One day.

  • Tiffany

    I also enjoy doing push ups, like Lily! I am impressed by all of your efforts yesterday! And you called me a beast the other day, I think it is you who is the beast! 😉 LOVE working out hard…it feels so GOOD!

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