Veggie Overload

Rob has really latched on to this Paleo thing.  Now, I told him I won’t give up my oatmeal and I have to use up any grains we already have.  He said that was fine but he is going 100%.  LoL.  The greatest thing about doing this with him is the increase in veggies.  Now, its always one of my goals to “eat more veggies” but that never seems to work, but doing the Paleo thing is working.  It is mostly because I have to boost the calories in my meals somehow without adding grains.  So I increase my protein but a girl can only eat so much chicken in one sitting so the veggies have to go way up too! 


Notice the pasta in the bottom one (using those grains up!).  Who knew that partially following some sort of eating plan would help me in this one area that I usually struggle?


So my fitness has been totally nonexistent.  I didn’t run this weekend.  I wimped out because it was cold (and obviously there was some lack of motivation going on).  My half is in less than 2 weeks, so what do I do???  My plan was to try to run 10 miles tomorrow (when its supposed to be warm!!!)  And then sort of taper from there.  Maybe a 5-7 miler this weekend.  Running only and no other workouts because at this point they could hurt rather than help.  To my runners, what do you think?? 

This is obviously not going to be a  good race for me but that is my own fault!  I have finally figured out what work/school schedule will work for me and as soon as the craziness is over, it will be much easier to implement.  But I am excited about this event since I will get to meet a lot of *fabulous* ladies from my only community!  And a weekend in DC on St. Patty’s Day!  And getting to see an old college friend!  Again, when the craziness is over…

5 thoughts on “Veggie Overload

  1. Your Paleo diet sounds interesting! I’ve been seeing the term more and more on the internet and will have to investigate further. I’ve stopped eating meat altogether, so it doesn’t sound like it’ll work for me (LOL) but I’m wishing you aall the very best! And don’t sweat not running, when the motivation kicks in, you’ll make up for it big time.


  2. the food looks delicious!!! Just have fun w/ the race. If its not a PR, its all good. At least you got out there, hung out w/ some friends and got some exercise!

  3. All I can say is, “Go, Rob!!!” 🙂
    I’ll be right there with you at the back of the pack…I’ve only walked 8 miles, ran 4. Hope to see if I can run more this weekend, too…we’ll see how the hip injury holds up! At least the scenery should be good!!!

    1. I’ve talked to some of the girls from my Fab Fit group that are going and there are a few of them that have been struggling with training too! We will have a little group! LoL!

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