Vibram Review & My New Garden

This weekend was so much fun! Rob and I didn’t get to see each other really all week due to me working nights. Only 2 more weeks of that! So we were excited to see each other all weekend. Saturday, we headed out for breakfast and tried a new place. It was SO CUTE! And very country style. Loved it.

Then we headed over to Historic Smithville (where we were initially going to eat and then walk around but change our minds to try the new place). Anyway, it was nice but then got a little crowded so we headed home.

The cooking shop had all different kinds of salts. So cool! Anyone use exotic salts and have cooking suggestions? I don’t use salt at all but don’t mind the taste really. Just cut it out to cut sodium. I think it would be fun though to use the red or black salt as a treat now and then!

After getting home, I decided to try out my Vibrams!

They were great! I ran up and down my street for a total of 1/2 mile in 5 minutes. I was speedy! I stepped on a few rocks which wasn’t pleasant but not very painful either. I could really feel the slant of the road though so I ran on the shoulder more which has packed down crushed pavement. That felt great! (but that’s where the rocks were, lol). I ran a bit around the yard when I finished my laps and that felt AMAZING! Totally worth the purchase right there! I think I am going to use these as my trail runners and cross trainers. Not so much for road running. I definitely had a lighter strike that with sneakers and the balls of my feel could feel it. They were slightly sore the next day but not bad! I could feel my achiles tendon more too when running. The next day, my left calf was really sore. Overall though, not major pain, just soreness. Can’t wait to try them again!!!!!

Sunday, Rob and I woke up to icky weather so the bike ride we were supposed to do on Saturday but pushed off to Sunday now couldn’t be done. I’m going to have a tough time at the race in July! Eek! Anyway, we did various errands like breakfast and grocery shopping. Check out my refrigerator!

All healthy deliciousness. We stopped at the local farmer’s market and got strawberries. Not as good as last time but still amazing!

Isn’t that one crazy looking? Haha!

We decided to do some house projects and headed to Home Depot. I was so happy to let my toes breathe in this summer air.

Rob was pouting that he wants a new lawn mower

I had a crazy idea for a garden at home so we picked up some plants

Never again!!! I never knew how much plants were! Crazy! Seedlings next year. This year, we were really busy with rugby. Well, next year, too bad because plants are expensive!
Anyway, my project involved some building so I got on my PPE! (personal protection equipment, gotta love my stylish safety glasses!)

And we got cutting and building

We had to take a break to feed the chickens and collect the eggs

Then we got to mounting! We had this blank wall on the side of the chicken coop that I decided to put planters on. We were going to buy them but after seeing that they were really expensive at Home Depot, we decided to just use scrap wood and build them ourselves! Here they are!!

I had planned on doing just herbs but then with all the space, I got some tomatoes and squash too. I’m hoping since they are up off the ground, we won’t have a bunny problem and the deer don’t usually go between the garages where they are either. Hopefully we’ll have some veggies this year! Oh and I planted a strawberry plant too πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get some of those!

Anyway, we decided to head out to the field where our garden was last year. The plant that won’t die is still there!!!! Last year, everything got eaten by deer or just died. Well, the stupid Kale that we planted never died, thrived like crazy, and the animals wouldn’t eat it. Well, it sprouted back again!!! And it even flowered!

Then Rob started putting up onion grass, giving me little pearl onions. These should be safe to eat right? He picked me a bunch and said I could make soup. He doesn’t eat onions!

There were also mushrooms but the picture didn’t come out. I don’t mess with those though, could be poisonous. Anyway, Rob was joking I could have a kale onion mushroom salad. LoL.

So that’s it! Today is raining so i guess I don’t need to water my plants! LoL. We’ll see if my boxes work ok. It was fun building them πŸ™‚ We already have a project for next week too! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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  1. Oh, so cute! At first I was wondering why you needed to have safety glasses for planting flowers… haha Then read on that you were making the boxes. So funny! Looks like a good project!

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