Vibrams to the Rescue!

After my post yesterday, I decided I wanted to show you how easy it really is to make eggs in the microwave so I photo documented the process 🙂
Step 1.  Beat eggs with some milk

Step 2.  Add omelet toppings (for me, broccoli and mozzarella)

Step 3.  Pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Out comes a beautiful omelet!  I even flipped it over so you could see how fluffy the eggs are!

Now you have absolutely no excuse to skip breakfast!  Now, on to my day.  Its mostly pictures of food since I didn’t do much all day.  I did snap this pretty picture of a flower with dew on it when walking into work in the morning.
I am sure I got a few funny looks from people in/around the building.  Haha!  Whatever!  So I started my day off with my microwave omelet and then when I got to work, I decided to go buy some coffee.  The coffee in the breakroom is TERRIBLE.  I drink coffee because I enjoy it, not for the caffeine so I’m not going to drink bad tasting coffee.  Anyway, I had a moment of weakness and got a cookie too.
I figured I would be fine because I had my foot planned out for the day.  Well, then my coworker Dave came in with a treat for everyone but “everyone” was at the lab and it was only me and him to share this wonderful treat he brought in…

That’s right, a whole box of munchkins.  I had like 5 total for the day.  Bad!!!  I didn’t realize it until lunch though that I was so full off donuts that I never had my oatmeal.  At least I didn’t go crazy and have both!  I had PB&J for lunch but wasn’t feeling it so I decided to head out for lunch for a salad.  We hit the Cheese Board again and I got this huge plate of food.

The hummus and avocado plate they called it.  It had marinated veggies on the side there too.  It was pretty good.  I have the rest for lunch today.  There are always lots of temptations at the Cheese Board though!

I had a sample of cheese when waiting in line 🙂  I ended up getting hungry before leaving work and ate my PB&J anyway!  I wasn’t really hungry for dinner but ended up muching on various things and cleaning out the fridge.  Ended up high on calories.  Oh well!
So my foot was still hurting yesterday morning and it always goes away by mid day.  Then I got this crazy idea and jumped on the Runner’s World forums.  Would running barefoot (or in my Vibram Five Fingers) help me repair my “injury”?  So if it is plantar faciitis, it is an irritated plantar fascia or something.  Basically, a ligament is annoyed with me.  And that ligament gets stronger by walking and running barefoot.  Most people rest it by getting arch support or orthotics but once you do that, it never gets stronger and you will always have problems.  Anyway, most people have been telling me RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) but I didn’t feel like it was doing anything.  It feels better when I walk around so why not move it more??  I got mixed advice from the Barefoot Running forum and made my own decision.  Right when I got home from work, I strapped them on!
I put on workout clothes but ended up in a cleaning frenzy somehow and then spent the rest of the night hanging out with my parents.  A night well spent but no workout.  I did run a few laps up and down the driveway though.  And guess what?  My foot barely hurt this morning.  This week, I would be limping until about 10 and then it would wear off.  I limped for about 20 feet and then it went away.  Did it help or heal on its own?  Who knows but I’m putting my Vibrams on again tonight!!  Yay for no foot pain!  Now I just have to figure out what to do about my 7 mile run this weekend…  Sneakers?  Vibrams for the first 1/2 mile?  Shorten the Distance?  Hm…

5 thoughts on “Vibrams to the Rescue!

  1. Glad to hear your foot feels better! I've got nothing to suggest for how it got better – nor do I have any suggestions for your long run…You are more conservative than me with the injury thing…(ie – you are smarter! I'm more stubborn!?) I think you are also very good at knowing your body, and making adjustments… Let me know how it goes! I'm aiming for another 8 on Sunday…

  2. funny…i could swear i've been telling you how easy it is to make eggs in the microwave for close to a year now…

  3. Youch! Hope your foot feels better soon. Those are the funniest looking shoes – too cute! I saw a runner wearing them recently and couldn't get over it (can you tell I am a walker only?) LOL

  4. glad your foot feels better!
    and I would much rather take pictures of flowers than food (well for the most part haha)

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