Weekend Musings

I blogged last week about my new Lunch Blox and so far, so good!


And you can see, I didn’t pack a salad in the salad Blox but rather a “burrito bowl” as I’ll call it.  By using this container, I could keep the lettuce separate so it wouldn’t get soggy.  It worked well though I packed the wrong ratios and am trying a different container today.

I also go to use my LunchBots Thermal (not pictured). I packed some beef and pork meatballs in homemade sauce over spaghetti squash in the thermal.  It was still warm when I got around to eating it, about 5 hours later (which is the time limit according to the directions it came with).  I will take “pretty warm” over cold any day!

Enough about lunch boxes.  This weekend was pretty packed with homework and social stuff.  On Thursday, a rugby friend helped Rob convert our apartment from propane to natural gas.  The gas company ran lines down the street about a month ago and since we were almost out of propane, it was time.  My parents (they own the apartment hence why we can do our own work on it) also invested in a tank-less hot water heater for the place.  It is tricky to get used to – for example, if you turn the water down too low, the heater turns off – but so far, we love it.  Never-ending hot water!  Also, it will really help our bill since we won’t be heating the water unless we need it.

Since converting, our house also feels strangely warmer.  I don’t know if that is just because they cleaned the heater while they were converting or if it is because the natural gas burns more efficiently.  Whatever the reason, I love that I don’t have to bundle up to do homework!

Speaking of which, I had a hard homework assignment due Monday so I was glued to the kitchen table most of the weekend.

2014-02-01 17.08.19Great use for my cookbook stand!

We did take some time out to go to breakfast with my mom and a quick trip to A.C. Moore.  I decided to try making something out of Duct tape, as the “craft” fascinates me.  I took a cheap sketch book and make a River Song Tardis journal Smile

2014-02-01 14.28.31Just blue duct tape and permanent marker!

I have more tape and am going to attempt a tote bag for books and things.  I’ll definitely document the process and post it here when it is ready.  I also got a few skeins of yarn because it was on sale.  I have some green for a yoga mat carrier (my mom’s idea!) and grey for a hat for Rob.  I am already working on a pink scarf, hat, and gloves set for myself.  It should be done by summer.

Saturday night, Rob and I went out to a local bar/restaurant to watch the Syracuse vs Duke basketball game.  College basketball is really the only sport I care to pay attention to (or the rare occasion that rugby is on television).  Rob doesn’t watch basketball but one of his friends does!  So he met us at our favorite place, Clancy’s, to watch the game.  So glad I went because it was a great game!

2014-02-01 18.16.18I actually went in the attic just to get these out!

Sunday was just homework and meal prep.  We barely watched the Super Bowl because it was a blow out and went to bed before it was over (and it’s not college basketball).  Well, that is it for the weekend.  Enough of this babbling entry.  Until tomorrow!

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  1. I thought of the same thing as Kristen! What a great idea for studying! My girls are always making things out of duct tape. We have many rolls around here!

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