Weekend Tidbits

Happy Monday!  This weekend was so nice and relaxing!  Rob and I haven’t got much time to just spend together at home and we got to do that at least a little bit this weekend.

We’ve had some projects to do around the house.  I had curtains to shorten for our back door (got them at Ikea).


We also got a new closet for our bedroom.  We had 2 PAX systems from Ikea already and needed a third to accommodate my fashion obsession.  There are no built-in closets in our place so we have to use furniture for any storage we need.  Thank goodness for cheap Ikea pieces!


We also managed our garden a little bit.  The watermelon and squash plants are doing great.  We even have little watermelons on the plants already!


Watermelons and squash are both vine plants and can climb up fences and things.  (When they fruit, you have to make a sling or hammock for the fruit to grow in.)  We set up some fencing (as you can see in the above pictures) but only the watermelons seem to have taken to the climbing.  We have one squash plant though that has crazy curly arms that has really latched onto the fencing!


That is pretty much all we did this weekend.  We had other things to do out of the house but nothing interesting enough to blog about!  I also stalked the cats with my camera like usual…

20130804_130319(See her tongue sticking out?)20130804_145051

And that was pretty much my whole lazy weekend!

Heath & Fitness

Fitness was not great but not bad this weekend.  Rob made sure I got up for my 8:30AM Step class on Sunday even though I was feeling tired.  It is such a fun class though and I’m glad I went.  I missed Hip Hop today because I had a dentist appointment that ended 10 minutes before class started (and about 30 minutes of back roads away).  That is okay because I plan on going to the gym this afternoon with Rob and his buddies. 

I want to start lifting and running again because I feel the most fit when I do those things regularly.  I might try doing the Body Beast program at the gym by myself 5 days a week.  Body Pump, while it can be fun, just isn’t the same type of strength training.  I like to lift heavier with less reps.  It just takes less time and stamina.  I already kill my endurance with running, I like to “take it easy” in the weight room.

The cardio classes like Step and Hip Hop are just for fun (though I know they burn calories too).

My eating is always here and there.  Still not avoiding everything that bothers me but that’s life.  There are always going to be foods that I enjoy but shouldn’t necessarily eat.  Everyone has that I think?

Now, I must be off to figure out my afternoon workout and get some work done for today!  Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Tidbits

  1. I definitely have days I eat great and others not so great (hello. cake and cookies always at work!) Love that your workouts are so varied. I need to change things up

  2. Fun pics!

    I live that you sew. They started me at age 3 and gave up by the time I was about 10. HAR!

    We never did baskets for our watermelon but do for winter squash. Hrm?

  3. We all have those days, I got off track when in Chicago at Blog Her. I didnt drink nearly enough water and it messed me up for days.
    Great getting back at it! Love the garden pics! So wish I would have made the time to start mine this year.

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