Weekends Are Too Fast

Weekends Are Too Fast

It’s Monday’s already?? I definitely don’t have enough time over the weekends or enough organization. The time just speeds right by!

I have no idea what I did on Friday. There were attempts at homework. Then I had a major headache for the early afternoon followed by a crappy gym session. I sooooo did not want to be there (and it didn’t help that when I got there, the areas I wanted to use were all taken). But I managed to squeak something out!

Saturday was all rugby as usual.


My camera had actually gone dead after 10 minutes but another player had brought his just in case someone could take pictures for him. I ended up using it the rest of the game!

Yesterday was spent doing the usual activities – out to breakfast, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. Even though I have the whole day free, I always struggle fitting in homework time. There is so much to be done around the house and I essentially fit it all into one day. By late afternoon, I’m too tired to think about physics! I really need to work on a better schedule for Sundays.

So this week, I have lots of homework to do and an exam on Wednesday so excuse me if I am MIA until Thursday. I then have a four day weekend and while I have tons of homework to do, I’m also hoping to get the house cleaned up. Again though, there is only so much time in the day!

Health & Fitness

I’ve been tracking my stuff for the month (water intake, tracking food, exercise, etc) and doing already. I have been pretty good about tracking though my choices aren’t great. I hit the gym only 3 times so far including today. It is tough on the weekends to go because Rob is home (and I want to spend that time with him). Remember, he can’t go because of rugby and needs those rest days.

Anyway! I really have to get moving. I have about an hour til I have to leave for school. So begins the weekly marathon!

2 thoughts on “Weekends Are Too Fast

  1. What if Rob still went to the gym with you on his rest days and he just “coached” or spotted you? You’d still be doing something together, he’d still be resting and you’d still get in a workout. Sounds like a win-win! Keep tracking…it will help you see where you are doing great and where you could use some more effort…keep up the hard work!

  2. I love tiffany’s idea of the gym! I know for me, I want to spend my time with Andrew, but I have to take time for myself. I defiantly get some motherly guilt for taking that time, but I know it makes me a better mom. (i know that you are in a different situation with your hubby, just thought I would share 🙂

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