Weekly Plan 2/11/13

Weekly Plan 2/11/13

Just a quick blog today. I haven’t had much time for blogging lately but I would rather write something short and sweet than not write at all! I don’t want to fall out of the daily habit after keeping it up for 3 and a half years!

Anyway, weekend was excellent! I went out with friends, spent time with Rob, and did homework (ok that part wasn’t so much fun). I ate pretty well all weekend with the exception of the girl’s night out. I had thin crust pizza Friday too but no serious gluten reaction. Sure I could swear the stuff off forever but that’s just not me. Some people might love being Paleo 100% of the time but I like bread, even if it doesn’t like me! At least I had no noticeable reaction and felt pretty good all weekend!

I also got my workout in on Friday like I wanted and lifted again on Sunday. I did not run at all though. With all of the rain and then snow which then turned to ice, I knew the conditions wouldn’t be safe for me. I had a treadmill at my apartment complex at school though so there is no excuse for the weekdays that I am there.

So here is the plan for this week:
emoticon Monday: Interval Run
emoticon Tuesday: Body Beast Build Chest and Tris
emoticon Wednesday: Body Beast Build Legs
emoticon Thursday: Body Beast Build Back and Bis
emoticon Friday: Tempo Run
emoticon Saturday: Rest Day
emoticon Sunday: Long Run

Also, this week marks the end of Phase 1 of Body Beast! Phase 2 (Bulk) is scheduled to start on Friday but I want to see where my rest days will land and adjust it accordingly. Rob and I will probably figure this out together.

As for progress, there really hasn’t been any. Maybe some very slight strength improvements but that could just be a fluke (some days I might be tired or not). There is a hint at some muscles in my arms but not significant enough there either to say if they are new/bigger or not. LoL. I will probably take progress pictures this weekend anyway, even if they are a bit lack luster!

That is pretty much all I want to say today. It is time to get back to my homework (bleh). Happy Monday everyone!

 Did you workout this weekend? What did you do? 

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