Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog!  This is just going to be a quick introduction about me and what I plan on writing about here right now.  I already have a blog at SparkPeople.com

For those note familiar with the website (although I think all my followers already are!), it is a fitness, health, and weight loss site.  It has an excellent user base and prides itself in its social networking aspect, bringing people together to support each other during their journey for a healthy lifestyle.  Anyway, so I already write there about various topics but mostly health and fitness.

I don’t know yet what exactly I will talk about here since I don’t want to repeat everything I talk about on SP (Spark People) so for now I’ll just tell you about various things I’m interested in.  First, the most obvious is… health and fitness!  Since June 2009, I’ve lost 50lbs so weight loss topics will pop up a lot.  I will probably talk about whatever various new workouts I’m trying since I change it up a lot but one thing very important to me is my running.  I’ve done a few 5Ks, a 10K, a 10 miler, and a half marathon.  I’m also registered for this years Philly Broad Street Run (2nd year now).  I only started running in June of 2009 so I’m still a bit of a newbie but I’ve learned to love it!  I started out with the Couch to 5K program and was totally new to running so feel free to ask about getting started! So anyway, running will probably pop into my blog here and there.

As for health related topics, this can run the gambit.  I am very into eating “clean” as most people would say.  I still support eating dairy products although some people don’t consider that a clean food.  I just say to eat real food.  I will probably discuss ingredients lists and nutrition labels on here at some point.  I’m also into eating organic when possible and doing “green” things.  I’m not perfect about it though.  I enjoy my 6 cylinder car that speeds me around town, but then again I only drive 4 miles to work (suburban area, impossible to commute any other way, even by bike).  So you might see those topics here.

Seeing as I’m trying to be green and I live in a house (with my parents) that sits on about 6 empty acres, my husband and I have tried to farm!  Both his and my parents have experience so we weren’t totally blind but we gave it a shot last year without much success.  More effort will be made this year so come summer time, expect to hear about my gardening adventures!  Oh, and we aren’t only gardeners but we like to tend to our 32 chickens.  Actually, my husband tends to them while I walk around taking pictures of their cuteness.  I do enjoy them but seeing as he is already in work clothes when we get home from work and I’m dressed to impressed, I just think its easier for him to go tromping around in the chicken poo!

 I think I’ve covered a lot of what I talk about in my blogs.  I work a lot but don’t talk about that in my blogs since I leave work at work.  I exercise a lot in my off time and my husband has his various sports he enjoys while I’m off running around in circles for miles (although sometimes he joins me).  I’m hoping to have more topic oriented blogs here but there really is no exact purpose yet.  I just like blogging and wanted to get out in the real blogger world 🙂  So that’s it for now.  Feel free to pop in to say hi or ask questions.  I will probably blog a few times per week.  Weekends are iffy for me because I’m generally busy.  Let’s hope this one goes as well as the SP blog!

PS.  You haven’t met my cat Spooky yet.  She shows up a lot in my blogs too 🙂

PSS.  “The Chicken Scoop” was a suggested blog title by a coworker and some SP friends seemed to like it so we’ll stick with that for now although I’m open to suggestions!

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