What I Ate 8/25/14

What I Ate 8/25/14

Yesterday was going so well!  I was right on track with calories, I felt good, I had a great dinner planned.  The end of the day didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped as something came up and we ended up with burritos for dinner.

PhotoGrid_1409063478414Note: I only ate half of the bagel in the lower left photo.

All things considered though, I still stayed under 2000 calories and my carbs are under 200.  If it was a bad day, it was a pretty darn good “bad” day.  I even got my protein way up!

Seeing as I got home much later than anticipated and ate dinner super late, I really couldn’t get a decent workout before bed.  I ended up just doing some squats, lunges, push ups, and planks to get something in.  It is better than nothing and I am definitely feeling sore this morning so that’s a good sign! 

Not sure if a workout will happen today honestly.  I slept in today because I slept terrible last night so no time this morning to exercise (expecting to leave the house by 11).  I figured I would have time to exercise this evening after I got back from school but my 2:00 meeting got moved to 3:30.  Now I don’t have to leave until 12 but I was eating breakfast when I got the news and already showered.  That also means I am probably looking at catching the 5:45 train home, so I won’t be getting home until after 7 and bed time is 9 tonight. 

I don’t mind having an irregular schedule that is different daily but I really dislike having my schedule changed last minute.  I could have run this morning if I had known earlier.  This is what really stressed me out last year at school.  Things like this seemed to happen all the time.  Classes would get moved, meetings changed, etc.  This isn’t a big change today but I’m tired and it is just an example of something that happens all the time that stresses me out.  Sigh.

Well, enough whining today!  I just need to go with the flow.  Time to start packing my lunch/dinner and get some coffeeeeee!

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