Whole30 Out

Whole30 Out

First off, the bed news: I’ve decided to not continue with the Whole30.

There are a number of reasons why I’ve decided to stop doing the program.  My heart wasn’t in it from the start (I had been debating on it since Christmas) and the list of “no’s” and “not alloweds” the last few days drove me crazy.  Also, I already eat a mostly Paleo (Whole30) diet anyway so I won’t see the drastic changes of doing a Whole30 plan.  The final thing that is tough for me right now is my fitness.  It has seriously been lacking and needs more of my attention than my diet.

But!  I do promise to continue eating mostly Paleo for the long run.  I will do my best to make my meals as Paleo as possible (its usually my treats and snacks that are non-Paleo).  I will continue to document my meals and shares ideas and recipes for Whole30/Paleo.  I just won’t promise not to have a treat now and then or throw a little feta in my omelet occasionally.  Maybe one day I can try the Whole30 again but it just isn’t the right time in my life right now.

So, on a high note, let’s look at what I did do well yesterday.  First, Rob and I made a quick grocery store trip to pick up some meats and “extras”.  We buy our veggies and fruit at a produce outlet which is why there isn’t any in the pictures.


We are going to try to make clarified butter with the regular stuff.  We also got a half of a pork picnic for pulled pork (planned to be cooked tomorrow).  I was also super excited about the eggs – they are certified Humane!  So happy to find these now that our chickens are gone…

Oh right, this is The Chicken Scoop… We had to get rid of our chickens.  They were no longer laying and we were spending upwards of $30 every week on feed and having to buy eggs (about 2 dozen a week for Rob and I).  We sold most of them to friends and family and the rest went to auction. We plan on getting new chicks in the spring so be sure to keep an eye out for that on the blog! 

My eats were pretty good yesterday too (until I decided I hated Whole30 and ate a cookie, lol).


Breakfast was sausage, peppers, and onion microwaveable omelet.  So good!  Lunch was out at Chido Burrito, a delicious local place similar to Moe’s or Chipotle.  I got the grilled fish salad and it was amazing (and Paleo).  Dinner was grilled tuna steak and bok choy.  Delicious!  Coffee had coconut milk in it all day.

Alright, well, its time for me to get back moving.  We ran errands this morning and now we’re cleaning the house so we can just enjoy it all weekend.  Oh, did I tell you Rob took off all week to spend time with me?  I need some down time with him and its been nice.  Now, I should go enjoy that time with him!  Until tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Whole30 Out

  1. Good luck with your new stuff!

    Re: hens
    a) a flock needs ONE rooster, I don’t care what anybody says
    b) hens molt, they also stop laying with weather changes; this usually occurs at least twice a year, sometimes 3 or 4

    I spent 30 years caring for our chickens (and chopping heads off or wringing! and ‘dressing out’/ slaughter). I don’t claim to know much but 30 years is pretty good experience, anyway!

    1. Yep you are right! We had several roosters (and several dozen hens). They say you should have at least 1 rooster for I think 5-6 hens. And we already eliminated the molting and weather change /daylight change stuff. They were “old” and just past their prime!

  2. Do I spy pork roll in the top shopping basket all the way on the right!?!? Major.Downfall.For.Me! I only buy it 3 times per year…Cabin vacation, beach vacation and Christmas!!! HA! Having a hubs who grew up near Trenton he’s had it his entire life…I just discovered it 2 years ago…One good thing about NJ!
    You will be fine w/o Whole 30 right now…focus on it some other time as a challenge. You’ve got too much on your plate right now!

      1. I should have known! But the big question….Mild or Tangy!?!? We are more Tangy here, though a few of them will eat Mild. I will only eat the Tangy, so if I want to try to stay away, then I will buy more Mild than Tangy when we do get it!

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