Winter Storm Jonas

2016-01-23 08.36.08Happy Snow Day!  Well, really yesterday was the snow today.  Today is looking pretty good.  We got about 7 inches of snow overnight Friday night.  It snowed most of the day Saturday but wasn’t very thick and I don’t think added that much.

We canceled our Friday night plans in case Rob got called into work.  We did go to happy hour for a cheap dinner and then stopped at the Grocery store on the way home.  It was already snowing so the place was deserted.  I am very proud of South Jersey though, there was plenty of milk and bread!  Not that I was buying either, but I walked down the aisle expecting empty shelves and they were fully stocked!

2016-01-22 21.13.02
2016-01-22 21.03.492016-01-22 21.04.10
2016-01-22 21.03.46

Rob finally got called into work on Saturday morning for 12 hour shifts.  He’s also working all day today.  Poor guy didn’t get a single day off!

I’ve been holed up in the house, happy to not go anywhere.  I’ve been working on reading my books and just doing odds and ends.  I’ve been letting the cats peak at the snow.  Two are interested in the strange white stuff.  Spooky almost flipped with excitement when I made a little snowball and threw it at her on the front carpet (Spooky is the lower picture).

 2016-01-23 08.37.252016-01-23 08.36.52

I also got snacks for being snowed in.  I don’t know what it is, but I really wanted popcorn for the snow day!  But I resisted eating just junk all day and made some chicken in the crock pot with Italian Dressing.  It came out great.  I added rice for the last half hour but I left it in too long and its now mush (I should have drained it).  Oh well, it still tastes good!  Though a little too tangy.  Next time I will cut the dressing with some water.

2016-01-23 17.07.40

Today, I have Italian Sausages in the crock pot with a large can of crushed tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, spices, and a bit of honey for sweetness.  We’ve made this several times before and is one of our favorite easy dinners.  That means I don’t have to cook again tonight!

Today’s plan is to be slightly less lazy than yesterday.  I have laundry going already and a workout planned later.  Today is my mom’s birthday too so I might leave the house to say hi to her, she does live RIGHT next door!  Haha!  Or maybe she’d like to come over and watch girlie movies with me.  That is what we usually do when Rob isn’t home!

Well, off to work on that to-do list.  One lazy snow day was enough!

Are you getting hit with the snowstorm?  How is your town handling it?

I looked it up and there are over 200 miles of roadway in our township.  Phew!  I haven’t been out yet but I heard the county roads are somewhat clear.  It is supposed to be in the 40s on Tuesday so it will all melt!  I went to college in central New York so snow doesn’t phase me too much, I actually kind of enjoy it, but worry about the other drives who go too fast.

3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Jonas

    1. When I was shoveling, I left the front door wide open so they could sniff but they never even came out! Ha! Sooo jealous you will be at the beach!

  1. The furry babies are so adorable!!! They are brave to look at it, our furry ones always turned around and decline the invitation to go out. haha We aren’t getting snow, thank goodness! We did get some more rain on Saturday though. Otherwise its really warm here for January, well for us, not the natives. Hope you guys stay warm and your hubby is okay driving in that snow.

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