Work-Free Weekend

Work-Free Weekend

This weekend was all about relaxing with Rob.  My finals were done as of Friday morning and I was home free!  I really was looking forward to a weekend where I didn’t have to think about homework.  So Friday was spent at home lounging around.  Saturday, Rob and I made plans to do some shopping!


I had a gift card to Lululemon that I won at the DC Rock and Roll Marathon expo from Florida Grapefruit.  I spent forever picking out random things but ended up putting it all back so I could get 2 pairs of the same capris:


Seriously, I loved these pants.  They have 4 pockets in the front!!!  I can stuff all sorts of Gu and running things in there and they were my perfect length.  These will be great for marathon training.  They were pricey at $88 a pair so I wouldn’t normally buy them.  I love Lululemon’s stuff but its so expensive!  Now that I know my size, I can be all about the clearance stuff online Smile 

We also tried stopping at Fleet Feet but they were closed (seriously, who closes at 6 on a Saturday?!).  Bummer because I need more toe socks for my Vibrams!

Anyway, Sunday was super exciting…  I bought a vacuum cleaner!


We had one but I took it to school since there is carpet there (and hardwoods at home) but these little buggers:


They shed like there is no tomorrow.  Cupcake (white one) sheds the most and you can see puffs of hair come off when you pet her.  Anyway, it was driving me nuts and I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom.  Ah, its kitty fur free.. for like a day!

I also went shopping with my mom and had a blast!  I got 2 super cute tops from TJ Maxx but of course I forgot to take pictures.  Today is the start of the summer grind.  I am on campus, trying to get my stuff together for summer research.  Getting started is always the hardest part!

I did all but 1 workout for Insanity last week.  I skipped Thursday for the sake of my ankle and its feeling 1000 times better today!  But today is double day!  The Fit Test and then Max Interval!!!  ACK!

Sooo my nutrition was terrible this weekend.  Pizza, hot dogs, & ice cream!  Today, I officially changed My Fitness Pal from losing 1lb a week to 2lbs.  This will help me focus on keeping my calories in check and eating only the healthiest foods for efficiency (since they tend to be the least calories too).  As long as I concentrate on eating Paleo, I’ll be within range every day but having the number there helps keep me in line!

What fun things did you do this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Work-Free Weekend

  1. Kittehs!

    I would love a proper vacuum cleaner (I use a crappy wet/ dry garage vac) but do not have or cannot imagine spending hundreds on one! I’d rather buy girlie things. So, I have a crappy vac. ;p

  2. Too funny … yesterday, I was sweeping the kitchen floor and the amount of dog hair (and they are short hair dogs!) and grass from cutting it on Sunday was amazing…so I said to my daughter as I was sweeping, “I can’t believe how much stuff is on the floor! I just cleaned the floor on Saturday!” She looked at me very seriously and said, “Um, Mom, we DO have 2 dogs….What do you expect?” Duh…I guess I should have known!

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