2 Months at Bullpen

2016-02-17 10.09.11Even though I haven’t been recapping my workouts lately, I have been hitting Bullpen on a regular basis.   Actually, in 8 and a half weeks, I’ve only missed 2 workouts.  And I only missed those because I had someplace important to be – and I didn’t skip exercise that day!  I made sure to exercise at home those days instead.

Today’s workout was tough.  I was sweating buckets but it was good.

Warm Up:  1 Mile Run/Walk

Agility:  Sprints, Shuffles, Karaoke Legs, Speed Legs, Bear Crawls, More Running Around

Some days I feel like I am getting better at these things but then other days I feel like crap.  I think it highly depends on my energy levels that day and whatever combo we do.  Today, I felt good but we didn’t do our lunges to warm up so maybe my legs felt fresher?

Workout:  3 Rounds of 3 Circuits, 2 minutes each with 10 burpees between each circuit

Circuit 1:  10 reps of 30lb Ball Slams followed by 5 burpees
Circuit 2:  30 yard 45lb Sled Push with 10 push-ups
Circuit 3:  10 Jump Squats with kettlebell, 10 Around the Worlds with 25lb plate, 10 Hip to Hips

Cool Down:  100 Crunches

Tomorrow, I run again with 1.5 miles on the schedule.  I am going to stick with the treadmill for a while since it forces me to maintain a fixed pace.  I am also less likely to cut my segments short when on the treadmill.  Once the weather is nicer, I should be ready to run outside again.

I should be off!  I want to get a few things done around the house today.  Put away laundry, clean the kitchen, stuff like that.  I won’t get sucked into the computer!  (ahahaha, I probably will but I have to do the other things too!)  Happy Hump Day!

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