90 Days to Thanksgiving

Where, oh where, has Angela been?  Around and busy.  What else can I say?  I wasn’t as Nicely Settled In as I claimed in my last post.  Just the next week, my commute turned into chaos and I realized half my clothing essentials were still packed!  But I am getting there slowly.  I am starting to get a feel for routine, and it is relieving a lot of the stress.

I did decide I need to start being more proactive about my health.  My weight is stable, but at a number higher than I would like.  It isn’t the number on the scale that bothers me but rather the lack of energy and ease of being at a lighter weight.  So I need to do something about feeling more fit and energetic. 

I checked the calendar the other day, and I noticed it was about 90 Days until Thanksgiving (87 days from today).  That is a good time period to work on some serious goals!  I decided I would make a very short list.  I’ve already worked on how I’m going to accomplish them too.

Goal 1:  Train for a 5K

This is an “easy” goal for me in that I know what I need to do.  Find a training plan and stick to it.  Of course, easier said than done.  I have decided that my goal is to run the Fast and Furriest 5K on Thanksgiving day in Ocean City, NJ.  Rob and I run it almost every year.  I’m still putting together a training plan but need to have it ready by tomorrow, when I join the gym at work!

Goal 2:  Lose 15 Pounds

Again, I know what to do and how to do it.  Lately I have not been cooking most of my meals and that is a bit out of my control.  What I can control though is how much I eat and what I choose to eat, in general.  I’ve started tracking on my photo app again, which is now called YouFood (it used to be TwoGrand).  Of course, the exercise will help a ton also.

Goal 3:  Adapt Healthy Living Habits

My ultimate goal is to always live as healthy as possible.  That includes eating, exercising, and destressing.  I have been sleeping really well at the new house so that is a major plus.  I decided I also need to something for myself so I went out and bought some coloring books and colored pencils. 

I have been using the first few days as prep time.  Tomorrow, I start at the gym so I need to have my strength training and running plan ready!  They also offer yoga on Fridays, which I might start doing to round things out.  I am really excited to have some new plans again!

5 thoughts on “90 Days to Thanksgiving

  1. Nice plan!

    I went for a moderate hills, SLOW, 1 mi jog Monday and felt something go WRONG in my right foot. I might have broken a small bone. I normally push through pain but it was just too breaky-feeling, so I hobbled back across the pasture. Yesterday was okay (not doing anything…) but today, when I had my interview and ONLY walked about 1/4mi, I knew something was very wrong still. I couldn’t ‘not’ limp.

    Now, it hurts just sitting there. Again, it could be the lupus but it feels SO much like a broken bone that I’m assuming that’s it. In my mind, even though I hadn’t run in 7 weeks, a teensy jog for A MILE?!?! I didn’t think it would be too much. I did run in heels through the airport last week, which might have done something. It’s weird coz having chronic pain since a small kid, you learn to tune out most–hence Idiocy.

    ::sigh:: And please don’t say ‘swim.’ Not only is that not an option for distance but also: can’t swim after 2 summers of lessons!

    TRAINING is good! Don’t be dumb and ‘just do it.’

    1. I was thinking today that my hurt ankle might be a bone spur or something because it always hurts in the same spot on the back of my ankle. Hm… I don’t need that right now!

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