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Hey everyone!  Nothing special going on here.  It is Tuesday, it is snowing, I have to work tonight.  That’s about it.  I just miss the old days of regular, every day blogs.  I know I haven’t been posting them here lately so I thought I’d give you all a life update Smile


Classes started on January 14th.   I didn’t have much of a break over winter, as I was working a few days per week at the clinic and I was sick for the rest of the time.  My class schedule was stressing me out at first but I finally got it all figured out.  Here is what I’ll be doing weekly:


Not too bad really.  The 5-6:30 class isn’t every week either and Practicum is just shadowing in the clinic.  Also, some of the labs will take longer than 3 hours so I’ll need to schedule those accordingly.  I also only work 1 or 2 nights per week, which is great because it sometimes causes me to get home after midnight if I rode the train.  I also have a “Capstone” course which is basically a research project required for graduation.  All that work is done in my “spare time”.  Only a few months left!  Need to get crackin’!

Life Happenings

Things have been pretty low key around the house lately.  There’s just been a lot of laundry and cleaning happening.  Life broke down last semester and everything got pushed to the back burner except for school.  Rugby starts again in March so I have some time to recoup my weekends before then.  We did have one tournament a few weeks ago and it was freezing out!  Snow on the ground cold!!


I’m glad we’re done with that until it gets warmer!  Also, our friends have a lot of big things happening right now like weddings and babies so that keeps us busy too.  We’re happy for everyone but we’re at that age where everyone has something like this going on.  Just makes for a busy calendar!


Back to my class schedule, I typically don’t need to be on the train until 9AM so that leaves me time for workouts in the mornings.  I need to get into a better sleep schedule though.  Rob and I have gotten into a bad habit of staying up a little later than we should.  We’ve also been sleeping in too late on the weekends.  What a waste of time!  I need to be up around 6 if I want to run or exercise before leaving for school so I need to get that under control.  I don’t have to have to make the decision: sleep or exercise?  I want both!

The few workouts I have done lately have been feeling very lack luster.  I ran with Rob yesterday.  His back hurt, my left foot hurt (and still does – eek!) and we were both generally sluggish.  I burnt out about 1.5 miles out.  I just completely ran out of energy and I know it was because we hadn’t eaten lunch – I was hungry!  The great thing about running though is that no mileage is wasted.  You just learn for next time (that French toast eaten 5 hours before does not count as pre-workout fuel).  So when I say I had a slow run, I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you how it was.  It is more like record keeping.


My home workouts have also been a little less than stellar.  I have just been feeling tired.  As I get more regular in my routine though, I will feel more energetic and things will get easier!


I haven’t been very well behaved in the diet* department lately either.  I haven’t been tracking my food on My Fitness Pal like I know I should.  I also had a moment of weakness outside of Starbucks when some cute little girl scouts begged me to buy cookies.  How can you say no?!

On the bright side, Rob has been batching cooking chicken lately covered with a light coating of Shake’n’Bake cut with regular bread crumbs.  OMG they are amazing.  I love eating them in a wrap with some mustard and lettuce.  They even taste good on a salad!  Or just plain, like chicken nuggets.  They also taste great cold or warm which is awesome since I don’t always have a microwave nearby.  This has been my lifesaver lately with all the commuting I do.  Batch cooking soup sounds great and all until you go to eat it cold.  Blech.  I’ll take cold chicken culets over cold soup.

Not much else is happening right now.  I want to get back to a better blogging routine around here.  I got in a rut because I felt like every post had to be something amazing and informative, but I like just writing and babbling about life so that is what I’ll do.  I hope you all don’t mind!

*By diet, I mean “way of eating to sustain life on a daily basis”, not “starve myself until I lose weight

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  1. Good luck with everything, your schedule sounds nuts! Most days my blog posts are straight rambling, those are the posts with the highest visits and views and comments, the posts where I get all technical and informative..zip.

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