A Paleo Yogi

A Paleo Yogi

AMYogaGood morning!  I may be a little peppy this morning from my AM Yoga I did.  I have been really tight and sore lately and I think I need to incorporate more yoga.  I’m a week early though P90X-Yoga-Xbecause next week on the Health Holidays challenge is relaxation/stretch it out week (oooh sneak peak!). 

This is on top of my Yoga X workout last night!  90 Minutes of seriously intense yoga (he does push ups!).  My body was happy sore afterwards and hopefully some of this tightness will start to go away.

In other news, I am still reading my new book, It Starts With Food, and I LOVE IT.  I just finished the chapter on hormones and the whole time I was thinking “Is she talking about me???  Is this why I haven’t lost weight in the last 2 years despite trying EVERYTHING?!”  I’m already ready to recommend this book and I’m not even done yet!  I’ve also been scoping out the Whole 30 Program on their website (because I’m impatient) and I printed out their meal planning guide to get me started (impatient, remember?).  Ok, I don’t want to give everything away but seriously, loving this book already!

Also, lots of people have been super interested in what Paleo is all about (Paleo Diet = Whole 30, basically) and I compiled the list of blogs I’ve written about the diet for you for easy reference:

I hope that gets you started.  I’m no expert on the Paleo Diet but I share what I have learned (or my impressions).  Like I’ve always said, I don’t see it as a diet but a lifestyle that gives me optimal health.  It might not work for everyone, but it works for me!

So anyway, all this talk about it and I wasn’t Paleo yesterday!  Being broke won out over healthy eats.  I had to choose because a cheap sandwich or a salad that was twice as much.  I went with the sandwich.  Today, I’ve got everything ready to pack so I should be good.  Mondays are just always so hectic!

Finally, I totally bombed getting my water in.  I realized around 4PM that I was WAY behind (I had had like 1 glass) so I worked on it for the rest of the night.  At least I tried once I knew I was doing poorly.  There is always today!

Now, I have to be off.  I have to finish up some homework and get to campus!

7 thoughts on “A Paleo Yogi

  1. I do love the P90X yoga. There are some poses I just can’t do, and I’m ok with that, but for the most part I do enjoy it. Definitely a great workout!
    I will have to get that book. Think it’s a good e-read, or better to have the actual book for reference, flipping back/forth?

    1. Hm, so far it would be fine as an e-read but I haven’t gotten to the Whole 30 Challenge yet. Then again, you are already Paleo so maybe thats ok then? The end of each chapter has a nice summary of what you “learned” in that chapter which is nice. Don’t know if you would want to flip back to those occasionally!

      1. Hmm..next time I’m over at B&N I will flip through and decide. Was just there yesterday! Darn. Another trip to the bookstore – how awful! HA!

  2. Do you remember Jackie Warner’s book? Half was workout/ food (and it’s not that long) but the first half was ‘so’ adept at explaining why/ how eating certain things harm our bodies. I was dead impressed with her ability to simplify hormones getting whacked out.

    1. Funny thing, as I was reading the book last night, I was thinking about JW’s book. I have to say though, this time it was much more a slap in the face if you know what I mean. I think she just words things in such an effective way, easy to understand!

      1. Agreed! JW is sort of brutish but that’s her angle/ edge as a trainer. While it’s, shall we say, brief, it’s clear and concise 🙂

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