A Partner in Diet Crime

First, I had a great weekend.  It was insanely busy and I was a little emotional at times but overall, it was good.

I had two presentations for my Arbonne business which were lots of fun but also a lot of work.  I have learned that I dislike hosting and presenting together.  I was frazzled trying to do it all!  But luckily this isn’t normally the case, right?

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It really was a lot of fun though and I got some good practice in with my routine/presentation!

This weekend was also a “Social” for the rugby team.  I always go to these things with Rob to support him and because I like the guys (and girlfriends/wives) that go too.  We had a great time once I got over my stressful start (don’t ask!).  The best part may have been the crazy looks the waitress was giving as the men sang some very questionable rugby songs!  They are such a fun group!

So once the fun was over, reality set in and I had a ton of work to do for school today.  Luckily I got a head start before the insanely busy weekend so I was pretty well ahead.  The only problem today is that my upper back is killing me!  To the point of nausea and inability to concentrate.  I think it might have been for the fact that I don’t think I sat down at all yesterday.  I mean, seriously I think I sat for about 1/10th of the time that I normally would on a similarly busy day.  I think due to a weak core and back, this lead to cramping and tons of knots in my shoulders.  I slept terribly all night and couldn’t lift my left arm this morning without pain.  I also think I am out of alignment which contributed to the upper back pain because…

I also had my foot pain back, just like the injury from last August.  I think it was from walking around in unsupportive sneakers combined with being out of alignment (hence why my left side is hurting and not my right).  I plan on visiting my chiropractor this week to get that corrected and perhaps a visit to the gym to simply sit in their hot tub and/or the sauna to let the muscles relax.  Sadly, I was too lazy and tired to get out of bed last night to use my miracle Arbonne Muscle Cream like the last time.  Tonight, I will definitely be using it!

In better health news, Rob and I are embarking on a weight loss challenge together.  It will mostly surround healthy eating, correct portion sizes, and food timing.  It is based on a book that we ordered in the mail and we will be making modifications as needed but trying to follow as closely as possible.  I disliked the original version of this diet and gave it a poor review at the time so I feel a little silly trying their even more hard core version.  With the modifications though, I think I will be okay.  I’ll explain more later when I reveal which plan we’re doing and exactly how we’re modifying it.  We’re doing a soft start and so far, so good I have to say!  Even some things that I had doubted are turning out better than I expected.  Sometimes it is best just to be quiet and listen to directions, right?

Have you ever changed you mind about a health related plan after learning more about it?

2 thoughts on “A Partner in Diet Crime

  1. I’m so sorry you’re hurting! I hope the chiro – even if it takes a few weeks of appointments — can fix you right up!

    You know that I was vegetarian for over 16 years in an attempt to beat my family-inherited cholesterol issues…which ended when my GP was well-read enough to suggest AIP (stricter than paleo), which fixed my RX-necessary condition (don’t need RX since I went AIP).

    …For now. I have to admit, genetic ARE genetics. If it buys me 10 or 40 years off meds? Totally worth it!

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are having a rough time with your back and foot! I hope the break, chiropractor,a nd hot tub will help 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the plan soon

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