Ambitious Run

So, I still don’t have internet at my apartment which is why you don’t see my blogs popping up first thing in the morning like you usually do.  As soon as I am connected, it will be better!

Anyway, this also makes it hard for me to think of topics.  I could, for example, talk about my run from yesterday but I have no visual aids.  My Garmin hasn’t been uploaded yet and so I don’t have a route or a nice chart of my splits or anything!  How boring.  But I will talk about it anyway!

I got this ambitious idea to do something similar to mile repeats.  I would jog to warm up and then run quickly for 10 minutes and walk for 2.  The first set, I made it 8 minutes before wanting to die and walked my 2 minute break.  The next set, I made it the full 10 minutes and walked the 2 but highly protested starting set 3.  Set 3, I made it a painful 5 minutes with walking mixed in there.  I developed a horrible stomach ache during that time and had a very painful walk home.  Oy.  But I managed to burn 300 calories!  Woohoo!  And my first 8 minute set was at a 9:30 pace (no wonder why I burned out) and my 2nd 10-minute set was at about 10:00 pace.  Also, after I am warmed up, I apparently walk much faster with my first break at 18:00 pace and my second break about 15:30.  Interesting!  But as you can see, I am really terrible at keeping a consistent pace.  I just don’t know how fast I am going when I am trying to be quick.  It’s easier on the treadmill but with temps reaching 60 degrees yesterday, I was not being stuck inside!

So I finally recovered at home.  Don’t ask what it was but it was the same problem that plagued me for the full 10 miles of the Broad Street Run 2010.  Not fun times.

Other than that, I had a rather dull day of homework.  I sat in the Physics Library for “tutoring” for an hour (no one came for help but I got to chat with some undergrads I know).  Then class, and home.  I finally got couch cuddle time watching Jane Eyre for 2 hours before bed.  That was all I wanted to do all day after the terrible run!

Today, no classes!  I am going to go downtown to the local café/news-stand to get some coffee.  They have free wifi (posting this using the hotspot from my tablet) so I plan on camping out there long enough to start with a bagel and coffee and then have lunch later. Let’s hope they don’t mind.  We’ll see!

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