Atlantic City Half Marathon!

Yet another crazy weekend!  In case you missed it, the Atlantic City Expo report was posted on Friday.  There are tons of new product reviews on there so you should check it out!  It was definitely a good expo for the first year!

Anyway, Saturday was my usual with Rugby all day.  But I love Rob so its ok!  The team got demolished because we were playing a really good team and its almost all new players on our team this year.  Anyway, it is always fun to go though!  It was away so like usual, we went to the Bards afterwards.

Now you would think I would eat super healthy for my race the next day, right?  Nope.  Beer (only 1), onion rings, fries, and chicken tenders.  It actually worked out well for me for the race.  I didn’t have a single stomach problem like I usuall do but I don’t plan on making this a regular habit.  We got home around 9 but I still hadn’t gathered my race things.  I couldn’t find my spie belt so no camera for the race but I did bring my phone in my fuel belt.

The morning of the race, we got up around 6 to get ready.  I had cereal (Kashi Autumn Harvest – yum!) and 2 eggs scrambled (cooked in the microwave).  I also made sure to have some gatorade to hydrate.  Of course, I had to pee like 5 times before the race (but didn’t have to stop during, yay!).

I really wasn’t in the mood for this race and the whole morning seemed off but I felt much better once I got started.  Rob sent me off and I let him go find a Starbucks and putz around.  Well, what happens when I leave Rob unattended?  He buys me presents! (I’m not complaining).  More on this later…

The weather was absolutely PERFECT.  The shirt I wore was a little too thick but I didn’t get too hot so its ok!  The wind was a little rough for the day.  There was one point where I had to walk because the sideways wind kept pushing my foot into my other leg.  LoL.  Otherwise, it was just a beautiful day for a race.

We start off on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in front of Ballys and head down into the streets.  We got onto the highway for a minute and then headed down into the connector tunnel.  What fun!!!

The best part of the race was that during mile 9, you pass by the start/finish line again.  I called Rob to let him know when I was getting close and I stopped for a kiss!  It was a real pain though running in that area because everyone was getting in the way of the runners (since by now, its spread out and we were at the back of the pack).  I will put that in my comments when they email me!

At that point, it was just an out and back on the boardwalk.  I saw the #1 male marathon finisher and the #1 wheelchair too (only wheelchair?).  I also saw a friend from high school run by!  Ha!  I finally crossed the finish line only a few minutes longer than the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half!  Not bad for not running all month!

The best thing about the finish line… They had ice cream sandwiches!  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted after the race but this was exactly right.  They also had Rita’s Water Ice, chicken broth, coffee, beer, water, solf pretzels, oranges, bananas, etc.  But the ice cream sandwich really hit the spot. 

About 10 minutes after finishing, the pain started.  This was not an easy race for me.  I was sore most of the race but nothing that would make me think I would get injured so I just kept going.  Today, my calves are killing me!  Oh, and I figured out why I was having problems sleeping, I had a shoulder cramp.  I get these bad knots in my shoulders sometimes and I had one all week!  It started spazming after the race and I had to have Rob rub it out.  It is much better now!

Overall, I’m really happy with the way the race turned out!  I was in a much better mindset yesterday too.  In Philly last month, I really didn’t feel like racing.  Yesterday, I didn’t either but I just kind of set my mind to it.  I was more whiney last month I guess.  I was just plowing through yesterday, accepting when I needed to walk and pushing myself to run when I knew the walking was just because I was being lazy!  I even ran the last mile completely because I knew I could.

Basically, this girl is back in business!

3 thoughts on “Atlantic City Half Marathon!

  1. Great stuff!! I'm amazed that you can accomplish a half when you just don't feel like it… You just get in there and do it 'cause there's no choice… YOU ROCK!!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Seriously. I cannot run for my life, so am awed whenever I read about others actually DOING IT! Well done, my friend!

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