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It isn’t really a secret around here that I am a big fan of the Paleo Diet.  When this book came out, I wanted a copy but just couldn’t rationalize spending the money on a book that probably told me things I already knew.  When the Kindle copy went on sale,  I jumped right on it!

I am very happy I ended up buying this book (even if just on Kindle – I prefer real paper books).  While it told me many things that I already knew from my paleo reading, it also shed some light on things I was unfamiliar with or had forgotten.

There are 4 main chapters plus an Introduction and Conclusion.

Chapter 1:  Fat
Chapter 2:  Protein
Chapter 3:  Cars
Chapter 4:  Nutrients

This bulk of this book is dedicated to myth-busting and scientific facts of nutrition.  The author, Liz Wolfe, walks you through how your body processes different foods from a biological perspective.  She discusses diet and nutrition myths and how they are wrong or misrepresented.  She also goes through how to maximize the amount of nutrition you get from your food for optimal health.

The Paleo Diet associations with the book aside, there is a lot of great information in this book that anyone interested in being healthy should know.  One of the major themes throughout the book is the concept of synergy, which is often lost in nutrition studies.  Synergy is the concept that things work together in the body, not independently.  I really enjoyed learning the nitty gritty of the biology behind the food I eat and it made me realize that some of the foods I choose are doing more harm than just the calories they are bringing to the table.

Liz also has a quirky sense of humor strewn throughout the book.  Sometimes it seemed inappropriate – like in the middle of a serious discussion – but once I got used to it, her jokes were a nice break from the heavy science.  Even though there was a lot of science in the book, it was easy to read and can be easily understood by the non-science type.  It was a nice light read, and I finished in only a few days of evening reading.

This isn’t a diet book at all.  It is about being healthy and how foods works with you or against you in your journey to health.  There isn’t a meal plan at the end but just some general conclusions (rules? guidelines?) from the information in the book, leading you on the proper path to optimal health.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone curious about nutrition and how your body works with food!

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