Busy Bee, Goal Progress

Wow things are crazy right now.  I never got around to working out yesterday.  I was just so completely exhausted from work and school.  Work is always a little stressful.  I try not to talk about it here but there is always a certain atmosphere there.  We’ll leave it at that!  School is never *truly* bad, but I did get homework today!  LoL, no one likes homework 🙂

I’m here for met today to think back to my “goals” for September and see how I’m doing!

Goal 1:  Eat healthy 85% of the day.

Overall, I think I am doing ok with this one!  I did have some ice cream over the weekend and I should be banned from Godiva, but other than that, its really not that bad.  I do think there is a little too much snacking when I’m at home.  We bought goldfish and ginger snaps for the storm but I keep wandering to the cabinet where they are kept!  Ack!

Goal 2:  Workout every other day. 

Uh oh…  I worked out on the 1st, the 3rd, and… yep, not again.  Monday (Labor Day), I planned on working out but that all went up in smoke.  I had these lofty plans for yesterday for working out when I got home and came home utterly exhausted.  The type of tired where you could fall asleep standing.  Today, I snoozed my alarm for about 45 minutes!  Maybe tonight?  It’s not an option, right???

Goal 3:  Keep in touch on FabFit and South Jersey Sparkers

I’ve been doing well on this one!  I posted on a few threads in SJS and have been keeping up with FabFit on facebook.  But as FabFit’s fearless leader Carolyn pointed out, your fitness minutes should be greater than your computer minutes… Oops, definitely not here.  In my defense, I work on a computer and am stuck here on campus now.  That student gym membership is sounding pretty good…

Goal 4:  Continue blogging.

This one is obviously going well!  It has definitely been hard but I am trying not to stop because I’m worried I might slip back into other old habits too (and gain weight, eek!) if I’m not accountable to anyone.  Must keep doing this!!

Ok, so the most important two (1&2) are the ones I’m doing the worst on!  LoL, actually #1 really isn’t that bad.  I just need to forget about the snacks in the cabinet.  My plan for tomorrow is to just get up early.  If I feel like working out right away, then ok, but I really need to get into the routine of getting up at 5, no matter if I have a workout or not!  (I may use yoga to stay in the habit of morning exercise).  And I need to really think about the gym membership here.  I would be nice if I could throw on my running gear right now and do a few laps around campus!  Just need a place to shower!

Happy Hump Day!!

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