Change of Plans

Change of Plans

Today is not going as planned.  I sould be heavy into the homework already but noooo, running lately already and then, oh!  My brand new DVD player that I bought 2 days ago is broken!  So now I have to go to the store to return it.  So instead of spending a whole day on campus and then heading home like the plans said, I am just packing my stuff up, hitting the store, and going home. 

So plans for this weekend were already insane and now on top of that, add on 2 take home exams and a homework all due Monday (and exam and homework both for 1 class!).  I am super busy too with things I need to do before we go to Ireland (ah I’m so excited!!).  I am going to have to make myself a schedule tonight.  I also already have 2 social outings this weekend and wanted to add a third.  We’ll see now!

On the bright side, my presentation went well last night!  My professor is really nice and I think he just wants us to get practice presenting.  Of course, its part of a grade, but I think if you just attempt it at all, then you’re ok.  I felt really good about mine but then they had the lights off so I had trouble seeing my note cards.  Bummer.  Could have been better but I was happy with it!

Health & Fitness
Enough about school!  One of my social outings this weekend is a run and breakfast with Lauren. I am SO excited, I haven’t run with her in forever!  We are only going to do 3 miles I think since Rob is coming and he is getting over a chest cold thing he had but it will still be fun!  I have to run on Sunday too and will need to make a point to get up super early to do it so that I can get an early start on any left over errands/tasks/homework/exams I need to finish before heading back to school for Monday.  I may even leave Monday morning for school.  I am really relieved too that I’m doing the half marathon instead of the full.  I only have to run 10 miles on Sunday.  That’s like 2 hours!  I would have been looking at a 20 mile run if I was still marathon training.  Oy.

Finally, I made the announcement to Rob about getting the Paleo book.  He was SO excited about being meataterians as he said.  He knows Paleo is huge on protein and meats.  He loves this idea but refuses to stop making bread or pizza.  At least I have my own place Monday through Friday, I can avoid most of the bread.  Friday is pizza night at our house though so we might keep that up.  I said mostly Paleo, right?  And I found the funniest this on Carrots N Cake yesterday.  She had an email interview with Bob Harper and when she asked him what he thought of the Paleo diet he said he couldn’t give up his oatmeal!  HA!  I have something in common with him 🙂

Ok, enough wasting time.  I was procrastinating here while eating breakfast, protesting the fact that my DVD player is broken.  Time to get moving and get back to NJ!

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  1. Now that I’m experimenting with GF-cooking, my usual eating is out the window BUT most of the flours I’m using are legume-based. The more I read fitness-Paleos, the more I see them saying go ahead and eat that 20% grains (as you’re seeing). Being a legumes person, I’m probably going to rely heavily on them over rice. A note: the more I read about “what’s wrong” with legumes and Paleo, the more I see NO problem if you cook them yourself. It’s buying processed/ tinned ones!

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