Chicago, Here I Come!

I realize I haven’t blogged much because I’ve been so busy so a quick little update about life.  The big news is about my interview in Chicago.  Well, I got the job!  I go out for New Employee Orientation next week.  Then I still have time to move and settle in before starting sometimes in August hopefully.


Once I get an apartment, I will have a better idea of what I can start working.  It is exciting and scary all at once.  I have lived in a city before so that part doesn’t bother me.  I lived in Brooklyn for a year while going to grad school at NYU!

DSCN3022_2My little Brooklyn neighborhood

I will just miss family and friends a lot.  Rob will also be staying behind for a few months to save money and lock another year into his pension.  At least the flights are only 2 hours and relatively cheap so hopefully I can see him often.

After the interview, I have been trying to absorb as much as I can of home before the big move (I had a really good feeling at the interview and I was right!).

I hit the beach with my friend Sara for a few hours.   No going in the water, it was too cold!

2015-06-25 14.27.042015-06-25 14.26.52

I went running at my favorite park and then sat on the river eating lunch afterwards, dipping my feet in the cold water.  This is the same spot where my grandfather used to fish when I was little.

2015-06-29 11.07.002015-06-29 12.34.402015-06-29 12.24.59

I’ve been hitting the gym to use the pool when I can.  Hopefully I can find a nice gym in the city with a pool!

2015-06-30 14.48.35

I went to the beach with friends to watch the fireworks for the 4th of July.

2015-07-04 21.38.302015-07-04 21.25.34

We also had a barbecue over the weekend and went to visit my grandmother yesterday to talk about the big move.  Of course everyone is bummed about us moving away but there aren’t really any science jobs in my field in my area.  That is one problem with going into a specialized field – you have to go where the work is!  I’m trying to look at the bright side.  This will be an exciting adventure in my life!

Any tips on living in Chicago?
Places and things I should see?
Where I should look at apartments?

I already know about the snow!  I went to college in Syracuse, NY so it is no big deal to me.  The wind on the other hand…

7 thoughts on “Chicago, Here I Come!

  1. Congrats! I moved from Philly to Alaska last year and while it was definitely hard, I’m also definitely happier here 🙂 Moving for your dream job is worth it! Good luck finding an apartment, packing, and moving!

  2. Oh I’m so excited! You are 45 minutes from me now. We live in Indiana so it’s a short car drive from Chicago, IL. It’s actually where we purchase a lot of our groceries, haha. PM me which area and I can definitely give you some suggestions on areas.

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