Christmas Fun

Today is simply going to be a picture blog.  See a picture, read the subtitle.  They are in the order that I took the photos so if it seems jumpy, that is why!  Tomorrow, we’ll return to the regularly scheduled blogging Smile



I tried this new hot breakfast meal and I loved it!  It was “creamy buckwheat”.  Basically, it was buckwheat chopped to a similar consistency as steel cut oats but it only takes a few minutes in the microwave to cook.  It has a much nuttier flavor than oatmeal.  I definitely enjoyed it as a change of pace!DSCN5948

Second, I wish I could be a cat and sleep all day.  This was the funniest of the ones I took.  Doesn’t he just look so comfy?


We had to get ready for Christmas on Saturday.  Lots of cleaning and cooking.  Rob was so excited, we got a waffle maker for Christmas breakfast.  It ended being a big hit and I can’t wait to use it every weekend now too!


For Christmas this year since we don’t have a huge budget, we decided to do fudge instead of presents.  We told everyone a baked good exchange would be fine.  We had tons to make and it took all day Saturday.  Some came out nice and poured into the molds while other batches hardened too quickly and we had poo-looking clumps so we ran with it and labeled all the containers as containing Reindeer Poop!  Also, we went through 20 lbs of sugar to make it all!  Scary!


We did managed to get the house looking immaculate and ready for guests in the morning!


Sunday (Christmas!)

Breakfast was a big hit.  We had a waffle bar set up and Rob cooked bacon, sausage, and eggs also.  I even had some fun toppings out for the waffles and a drink bar with white and regular hot chocolate.


I didn’t take many pictures of guests.  Just a couple of my mom and dad opening their gifts.


I also got pictures of the cats enjoying their presents!  Otto even got his out of the stocking all by himself!  (Cupcake was helping but she is camera shy).


Christmas dinner was at Rob’s brother’s house and I don’t really have any pictures from there either!  I need to get better at taking pictures of people.  LoL.  This was all I got!



Rob had off Monday so it was like the weekend to me still.  I got more pictures of the cats of course.  Spooky is a licking machine and its too funny, when Cupcake wants to be pet, she lays by Spooky and gets what she wants!  I also got Cupcake’s Christmas photo finally!


We also had some visitors yesterday.  My mom and my niece stopped over from next door for a bit.  They saw that my mother-in-law bought me a donut maker and wanted to try it so we got to baking!


They came out really well!  It will be fun to have for parties and things.  It was super easy and super fast too.  We used an apple sauce based recipe from the book that came with it.  Now, does anyone have any healthy donut recipes to share???

The rest of the night was spent lounging around, watching the Doctor Who Christmas special (OMG there was non-stop Doctor Who on BBC for two days!  And I had no time to watch!  How sad!!)  Finally, Rob and I did managed to snap one picture of us together on Christmas day. (Notice Doctor Who on the TV in the background! Ha!)


I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season this year!  Just New Year’s left and its on to 2012!  Are you ready?!

PS.  No health and fitness report because there wasn’t much health and fitness going on this past week (since my killer-leg-burning workout on Tuesday).  Today, I started with a healthy breakfast and am getting ready to head out for a short run now!  Getting a jump on 2012!  Why wait for New Year’s to start a resolution; why not start today?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Fun

  1. Looks like a great Christmas weekend! I’m drooling over that waffle! We went to a diner Christmas morning and that is what I was going to have but my husband is a firefighter and as soon as we sat down to order he got a fire call and we had to leave 🙁 So I walked home from the firehouse and made myself panettone french toast…it was delish but still not the waffle I was craving. Oh well. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing! christmas! And a donut maker?!?! andrew would be in heaven.
    I defiantly need to get back into clean eating and working out- we should all do some sort of new years challenge! (tiffany I bet would be onboard!)

    1. A bunch of friends on a fitness team that I am on are doing the 10lbs in 28 days plan that is in Oxygen magazine’s January issue. I made scans of the pages if you want a copy of just the meal plan if you are interested! I am going to use it as a guideline and maybe I will follow it during the days that I am at school!

  3. What a fun weekend! You know I’m always up for a challenge…so whatever you and Kristen are doing, I’m in!!! 😉

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