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I have been so busy lately!  The little free time I do have is spent with Rob.  A little recap of the last few days.

Saturday was my friend Brian’s birthday and we headed out to Philadelphia with him to celebrate.  He chose the place and we spent the majority of the night at Ashton Cigar Bar.  It was a pretty swanky place, which we knew ahead of time, so Rob and I got dolled up for the evening.

2015-01-31 21.56.062015-01-31 21.11.11

Brian really liked his fancy cigars and just sitting around chatting with friends so that is what we did!  While we waited for our table, we went into the Humidor to talk to the expert and pick our cigars for the night.  He was really knowledgeable (as expected) and helped us each pick out a cigar.  Brian sort of knew what he wanted.  He paired mine for the drink I was having and for the fact that I don’t smoke.  Rob got one that was less oaky that was also good for a non-smoker.

2015-01-31 21.08.02(This is just 1/3 of the Humidor room and that’s the expert)

We also got a few drinks and I stuck to the Classic Cocktails menu to really set the vibe for the night.  I had these drinks:

  • Old Fashioned – Bourbon, Bitters, Sugar, Citrus Zest, Cherries
  • Sidecar – Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Sugared Rim
  • French 45 – Fin, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Club Soda
  • Sezerac – Cognac, Bitters, Absinthe

2015-01-31 22.00.432015-01-31 22.24.182015-01-31 23.01.44

Overall, the night was such a blast!  Like I said, I don’t smoke but I don’t mind cigars now and then.  This was my first cigar since college actually!  It is more like a fun pass-time to me.  The drinks were also phenomenal and I took a photo of the menu for future home-bar reference.  The Sidecar is my new drink from now on too.

After that, we tried getting in some more outlandish fun but we were all too tired.  We ended up at McDonald’s at 2AM before heading home.  Such a great night out though!

The rest of the weekend was spent just doing school work and errands with Rob.  I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t get any exercise in but that will change very soon (I’ll blog about that another day).  Monday and Tuesday were just packed with school things also but I managed to squeeze in a short run this morning.  I have the April Fool’s Day Half Marathon coming up!  Now, I must be off to get to class!  Happy Hump Day!

What do you enjoy doing on a night out?
I’m the happy hour type.  I like to sit at a bar/table, enjoying drinks and company!  This was an ideal night out for me!

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