Conquering Wednesday

What a difference between Tuesday and Wednesday!  I had a hard time getting up in the morning.  I felt frazzled prepping for the day.  I had a major afternoon slump.  Then I was so exhausted and didn’t force myself to work out (that was a choice I made and I’m ok with that seeing as my legs are still killing me from Body Pump on Monday).

First, I tried making a Paleo English Muffin in the Microwave from Carrots’N’Cake.  Well that was a total flop.

I ate it.  It tasted a little strange.  She says to “form the dough” and mine was still liquid so I think therein lies the problem.  I used the right amount of ingredients but I think my egg was larger.  I don’t want to use more almond flour because that stuff is high in calories and can add up quickly!  I ate my strange sandwich anyway and called it a breakfast.

Yesterday on my Healthy Holidays Challenge was to try a pomegranate   I’ve always loved them so I was excited.  I found a recipe on PunchFork using turkey and pomegranates so I was super excited.  This was excellent!  Turkey Salad with Pomegranate and Pistachios:

I think the shallots would have been better than the red onion though.  I was happy with it though!

So yesterday wasn’t so bad, I just felt bad.  I think I also was just very hungry because I ate too few calories on Monday and Tuesday.  Here are the positives though:

  • I finished over half of my take home exam.
  • I ate healthy despite wanting junk food.
  • I ate just under the number of calories to maintain (not gain!).
  • I ate mostly Paleo despite wanting junk food.
  • Did I mention I didn’t eat junk food?
  • I drank almost all my water.

So pretty good overall.  I am mostly glad that I got so much work done on my exam.  I also got some other school-related work done throughout the day.  Today’s job is to continue working on that exam and start on my Laser’s homework.  I also have to meet with my professor.  We’ll see what he wants me to concentrate on right now when it comes to research.  I’ve also got a fun night out with the girls (Lauren) tonight that I am excited for! I just have to leave right after class.  I thought it was tomorrow but luckily she reminded me!  Now, off to start my busy day!!

4 thoughts on “Conquering Wednesday

  1. It’s random times like “paleo microwave muffins” where I think, *Damn I miss my microwave*, lol. I know I haven’t checked in with you in a LOONG time, but know that I’m still reading – and loving – your blogs!!! Keep rockin’, girl.

    1. LoL I tried going without my microwave at my school apartment and finally caved and got one! I love microwaving breakfast (eggs are super easy that way). It just saves me so much time!
      Glad to hear from you! I hope everyone is well! I can’t believe how big Isaac is already!!

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