Down the Shore!

For those of you who don’t know, I sort of live “down the shore” (yes, as in the Jersey Shore, now stop making tv references).  Seriously though, I live in the typical shore area right near Atlantic City.  So much of this fun that is coming up here is something I do every year just by driving 10 minutes away!  So anyway, my friend Liz from college was coming to visit!  Yay! 

Well, not to visit.  She is in Atlantic City with her fiance on a mini vacation and I just happen to live nice and close!  Haha, so yesterday was all about entertaining them.  Luckily Liz is from Pensylvania and she has been one of those pesky “shoebees” (our work for tourists) for many years.  For nostalgia purposes, we headed off to the Ocean City Boardwalk for some good ol’ fun!
?We mostly just putzed around on the boardwalk looking for food.  Haha!  First, we got a slice of pizza from Mac and Manco’s.  For the boardwalk only being 2.5 miles long, hald of which doesn’t have shops, there are 3 of these pizza places (along with several Kohr’s Brothers Custards which Liz got and I forgot pictures)

Delicious!  Then we headed into Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy.  Basically, a giant candy store.  YUM!  I went for my 1 time per year that I get salt water taffy and fudge.  I’ve always heard that the salt water taffy started in Shriver’s but I could be wrong.  You can still watch them make it in the back but they didn’t have anything running while we were there.

So many choices!  Obviously Rob needed a minute to fill his bag!  From there, we decided to head back since Liz and Kevin were pretty tired from traveling all day.  We will see them again tonight and will probably stick to Atlantic City for some food and walking around again!

And just to taunt you some more, we dug into our treats last night!
Too many choices!  It was fun trying ones out of Rob’s bag since I didn’t know which flavors he picked.  My new flavor I like?  Sour Lemon!  It was almost refreshing.  My bag consisted of chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, and PB&J flavors.  Oh and a pumpkin to try.  Can’t wait to eat them!!!

4 thoughts on “Down the Shore!

  1. please don't ever say "down the shore" again, you're local, locals hate that saying… it's that you're going to the beach or to the boardwalk not "down the shore" :::shudder:::

  2. I'm with Lauren – I'm not even from here and I don't say "down the shore" …really, what does that even mean?!?! It's always confused me…for most of NJ, or even PA, it's not even "down"…it's "over"- as in East! HA! But I will say that now I understand why my husband's cousin from Buck's County, PA calls her beach cart a "shoebee-cart"!
    We get our fudge when we are there for the week in LBI from the Country Kettle! UMMMM…..

  3. LoL I do say I'm going to the beach. I was poking fun at the phrase mostly for Liz's sake because that is what she would say. Haha! And my hubby finally made me look at a map and Philly is slightly North West of AC so I guess its a little "down" but to me its East too!

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