DVD Review: BH’s Inside Out Method Pure Strength

DVD Review: BH’s Inside Out Method Pure Strength

BHStrengthYesterday, I wanted a quick strength training workout, 25 minutes or less.  After checking my workout DVD and video game library, I settled on Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Pure Strength.  Knowing how his cardio IOM DVD kicked my butt before, I knew this would be a tough one.  This DVD is actually 60 minutes long but there is a 20 minute “beginner’s” workout on the disk also which was just what I was looking for.

First of all, even though it was a “beginner’s” workout, you can always increase weights or push yourself harder and that is just what I did.  I am a big fan of old fashioned strength training.  Push ups, squats, bicep curls, etc.  If a move resembles a traditional move (say Arnold presses or burpees), then I’m ok with it but a lot of new DVDs just have way too much going on for me.  That is one thing I really liked about this DVD.  It was all the simple moves that we know and hate love.  And my entire body feels the effects today.  I would consider it low-key circuit training since the lower body moves got my heart rate up but I wasn’t really sweating a ton at the end so don’t look for your cardio here.

Another thing that I always love about Bob Harper’s DVDs is that he is always so encouraging in the videos.  He never yells or screams (I shut down and throw a fit when I get yelled at during a workout – “you can’t make me!”).  He always just encourages you to push a little further and a little harder.  Another thing I love about these Inside Out DVDs is that you can see the fitness people in the background struggling with the workout too.  Acting?  Maybe…  But it makes me feel better when I can barely hold the squat for another 2 seconds and I can see them shaking too! 

It is also not so choreographed like other DVDs.  The people aren’t always together, on the same beat of the music, or the same rep even.  And you can see differences in how they do the moves.  The tall guy has an issue with squats while the one girl stands with her feet closer together than the other girl.  They all are doing their own thing which encourages you to do so also (while being safe of course).  Form is good but getting in a good workout in a comfortable, injury-free way is really the goal and I think it is implied by the way this DVD is done.

Overall, I think this is a great DVD to have in my collection (along with the rest of the Inside Out Method DVDs).  And even though it was “only” 20 minutes, I managed to hit basically every major muscle group (the abs were a little lacking with only some crunches and planks).  Just from what I experienced with the “beginner’s” workout, I’m almost afraid of the full 60 minutes!  Using just the short workout though twice a week could be a great supplement to my half marathon training!

Fitness & Health Update

Yesterday before doing the above DVD, I met Rob at the park for a quick run during his lunch break.  It was beautiful out and I wasn’t going to pass up quality time with the hubs!  We did 2 miles in 21:30ish.  Not bad!  Rob is getting over a cold so I would consider that an awesome run (makes me scared how fast he runs though when he is healthy!).

BathroomScale1Other health updates, I am still maintaining since New Year’s  (remember I gained some last semester).  I actually went down a little bit and I never celebrated or really mentioned it to anyone.  I think I am still upset that I gained in the first place but I should still celebrate little wins right?  So, I’m telling you now:  I lost 3 lbs!  I have been holding steady for the last 2 or 3 weeks at 152.6 (kind of funny, even that .6 hasn’t changed).  I am happy with maintaining while I get in a new routine though.

Eating has been up and down really.  I track and do well and then don’t track for a while.  And to answer your questions, Rob’s cooking has actually not been bad for me at all.  He is super supportive and always tries to make things healthy so that I can enjoy his cooking too (I know, he’s perfect, how am I so lucky??).  Even the biscotti he made were whole wheat (gives them an odd flavor but it grows on you).  But seriously, its time to stop maintaining and see those jeans get looser, that body fat go down, something! 

3 thoughts on “DVD Review: BH’s Inside Out Method Pure Strength

  1. Holy bejeez, I have this DVD and the 60 minute workout kicks my booty every time! I agree and appreciate how it’s not overly choreographed and how the ‘models’ struggle along with you. There are a few times in the longer workout where Bob yells at his top – ripped – girl to keep going… but they all encourage each other, which is nice.

    CONGRATS on the three pounds, girl!!! Of course you should celebrate every single pound… it’s HARD WORK paying off! For me, it’s so different to be excited about GAINING at this point… hehe.

  2. congrats on losing 3lbs!!!!!! thats awesome!!!
    I love bob harper. I wish I lived in Cali and could take one of his classes

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