DVD Review: Bob Harper Kettlebell Cardio Shred


I seriously love Bob Harper.  No, its not because I’m this huge Biggest Loser fan and grew obsessed with him.  I always preferred him over Jillian on the show but I never latched on or anything.  Well, now that he is kicking my butt in my own living room, I LOVE him!  I have done a couple other reviews of his Inside Out Method DVDs (Bob’s Workout, Pure Burn/Pure Strength, Body Rev) and every time, I end with a positive result.

First, one thing I have noticed about all the DVDs is that he uses basic moves that you have seen before.  He might do a small variation but there is nothing too complicated that you need to be coordinated to handle.  Its all very straight-forward.

Second, I want to warn anyone who is not familiar with proper form or used to handling kettlebells.  Honestly, I can’t remember if there was a tutorial on the DVD that you could do but if you just start the workout, he jumps right in.  You can seriously hurt your lower back doing kettlebell swings so if you don’t know how to do them properly, definitely learn before giving this DVD a try.

If you love kettlebells, you will definitely love this DVD.  It has all the core moves:  swings, snatches, presses, cleans, etc.  He even throws in some push ups and burpees for good measure.  The whole workout is 54 minutes long but didn’t seem that terribly long while doing it.  He hits every major body part including your lower back (from all those swings) and your triceps (close grip push ups).

Finally, I did this DVD using a dumbbell!  It was pretty easy for the most part except the snatches.  Since I know how to perform them properly, I was ok, but it was definitely awkward.  I would definitely recommend using a kettlebell for the full effect of the DVD but I did show that you can in fact use a dumbbell!

I am pretty darn sore today all over, and my thighs are killing from all those squats and deadlifts.  This was my favorite of the IOM DVDs so far!  I know I said that about Bob’s Workout too but I just have so much fun swinging the weight around!  Two thumbs up for this workout!

4 thoughts on “DVD Review: Bob Harper Kettlebell Cardio Shred

  1. I love kettlebells! Can’t recommend Harper’s training *with them.*

    You mention JM–since I never watched those programs, I don’t have a “relationship” with either but I bought 30DS and his KB video–didn’t care for either when it comes to safety. I’m insane, so I need a lot of good coaching or I’ll do something crazy/ stupid. There’s a guy at work who has done kbs for years. We’ve brought in our bells and shown some exercises to other coworkers who WON’T EVEN TRY. They must be smart… 🙂 Seriously, just cos a person DOES kbs, doesn’t mean they’re a trainer! ;p

    You make a good suggestion: watching as many safety videos as possible for *anything* is clever.

    I typically use a 35lb but the rec from new physical therapist (due to pinched nerves, disintegrating vertebrae, etc.) is to get not 1 but 2 10lbers. I know a lot of people use 2 (like gorilla snatches) but I figured my lack of grace required ONE. That may still be BUT the point of *me* using 2 is to force equal distribution. So, there’s a lot that depends on the *body* swinging, too!

    1. Girl, I was using a 12 lb weight and had to switch to a 10lb half way through. You are a beast with the kettlebells!!!

      PS. I think JM’s videos are the worst when it comes to safety instruction. I even see the people making mistakes sometimes! Eek! Thank goodness for all those years of going to an excellent Body Pump class with instructors who were very concerned to make sure no one got hurt!

  2. I’m a KB newbie…first time I used them was at the CrossFit gym I went to…I did love them and they were great about giving good instructions on proper technique…I’ve never done a BH workout…I might need to try!

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