DVD Review: P90X Yoga X

DVD Review: P90X Yoga X

Ok, so I’ve had my sister’s P90X DVDs for forever (Michele, any time you want them back, you just let me know!).  I’ve tried doing other P90X before but it was too much for my small space.  Today though, I really wanted to do yoga.  I got off work early at 2:00 and the next yoga class at my gym wasn’t until 5:15.  It used to be at 4:30 and I wanted to start going but now that its at 5:15, thats just a little too late for me.  Anyway, I really wanted to do a good powerful yoga routine.

I’m very picky about yoga too.  I’ve tried classes and DVDs before but could never find anything I liked.  Jillian Michaels’ yoga DVD isn’t too bad.  I like her flow and the poses she uses but the active posing she does (its like reps) just isn’t what I wanted today.  I like feeling powerful while doing yoga, not meditative, and not doing reps.  Hm…  I remembered P90X had a yoga DVD so I popped it in, not knowing how long it was.

The DVD is 90 minutes long and I loved every single minute of it!  The moves definitely use your muscles but you don’t feel like you are weight lifting or anything (like yoga should be).  I felt powerful while holding the moves.  I felt the transitions were simple and made getting into the next pose pretty easy.  Also, I liked how the segments were broken up.  The first set were more strength while the next was balance, then core/abs, and finally stretching and relaxing.  Of course, Rob got home just as I was in a very awkward yoga pose.  It looked something like this…


Also, Spooky wasn’t too happy with me lounging around on the floor and kept biting my ankle during the stretching segment.  She is so demanding!  Anyway…

Additionally, I thought his instruction was pretty good.  Sometimes he would forget to mention things like what proper form is but then mention it in the next segment so a beginner would be much better off the second time through the DVD.  He doesn’t tell the audience many variations though.  He does encourage you to rest if you need it which is nice.  But there were some poses that are very difficult.  I have been practicing yoga on and off since probably the 9th grade (sooo… 12 years?).  Some of the poses they did I was very excited to see (I don’t expect anything less from P90X!) but they would still be hard, even for very fit people, mostly because they are difficult balance poses.

Overall, I LOVED this DVD.  I think I am going to add it to my regular workouts, every weekend to de-stress and perhaps get some of my flexibility back (running just kills your hamstrings!).   I definitely think it is for someone that has done some sort of yoga previously.  It is challenging to your muscles and your balance while also giving you a decent stretch at the end.  Also, the DVD has 2 spots where it would be easy to stop if you wanted to make it less than 90 minutes.  Now I know you can’t buy this individually but if you could somehow get a hold of it, I definitely recommend it!  I’ll be a yogi in no time!

Yeah, in my dreams!

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