Enjoying This Weather

2016-03-10 13.31.12

It has been beautiful the last few days!  Wednesday, I went to the park for a run.  Yesterday, I couldn’t find a good reason to get outside really.

I did go to my eye doctor’s to pick up my new glasses.  The last pair of glasses I bought over 10 years ago.  It was time for a new prescription and a new style.  I never wore my old ones because they were very narrow and had only a small sight line.  These are way better and big glasses “are in” so I don’t feel self conscious in them.  I wore them around the house a bit yesterday and was amazed at how much better I could see in them.  Maybe I’ll think about wearing them in public at some point!

Anyway, today’s weather is just as beautiful so I went to the park with my breakfast after doing errands.  After sitting on the bench for a while, I decided to challenge some of my friends on FitBit to a “Goal Day” challenge.  This means each person that joins the challenge strives to reach and maybe even surpass their step goal.  My daily goal is 7500 steps, less than the usual 10,000 because I’m stuck in my house all day so even breaking 5000 is hard!  The nice part about this challenge is that it is tailored to each person.

Finally, I got off my the bench where I ate breakfast and told myself I would walk around the park for a while.  I couldn’t let my friends down who I challenged to a walk!  Well, a while turned into almost an hour and I was pooped!

2016-03-11 11.43.102016-03-11 11.44.35

Obviously I didn’t plan ahead as you can see by my footwear.  The paths in this park are well kept though and if I had behaved and stayed on well-trodden paths I would have been fine, but what is the fun in that?

2016-03-11 12.27.07_022016-03-11 12.07.11

See all those little sticker balls?  They were EVERYWHERE.  My feet seem to have come out unscathed.  I also met a few paths that were flooded out or muddy.  This one had a nice cinderblock to step on to get through the mud.

After getting somewhat lost and using my GPS to turn myself around, I got back to the car but wasn’t ready to leave.  I sat on another bench and read for a while until I got too thirsty and had to leave.  As of right now, I’m at 6392 steps for the day.  I still have to get another 700!  What??  My Endomondo app says I walked 2.3 miles!

Well, now it is time to get things done around the house so I can relax a little bit this weekend.  No big plans this weekend.  Rob and I want to take our bikes out and give them tune ups so we can be ready for this gorgeous weather!

What is your favorite way to get outside when its nice out?

If Rob and I aren’t walking around the woods in our favorite parks, we’re out riding our bikes.  We also have the privilege of living near some of the best boardwalks (including THE #1 Best Boardwalk in the US) so we’ll go walking or riding there a lot too.

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